Sustainability | December 06, 2019

The Ultimate Sustainable Gift Ideas

By Rory Coulter
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This holiday season, we’re doubling down on our commitment to support the environment by giving fewer, more thoughtful gifts — simple gifts that spark joy and won’t end up in a landfill.

We’ve racked our brains for sustainable gifts that will help people live better and feel better through simple means and a deep connection to the natural world (that’s kinda our M.O.). 

There are gifts that bring delight and gifts that create memories, gifts that foster connection and gifts that promote wellness. There are gifts that give back and gifts that support change, gifts that hone skills and gifts that shift habits.

There are gifts for everyone on your list. Most are under $20. Some are even free!

Without further ado . . .

The Ultimate Sustainable Gift Guide

1. Our favorite audiobook + even more reasons to love nature, FREE

2. Membership to a fitness group + a pledge to go together, FREE

3. The Best of The Moth Vol. 1-10 + hours of screen-free entertainment, FREE (from your local library)

4. Membership to Skillshare + newfound passion for lifelong learning, FREE (for the first two months) 

5. Canvas tote + another reason to say no to plastic, FREE (when you join NRDC)

6. Heirloom seeds + a covert guerilla gardening operation, from $3

7. Local honey + fewer allergies come spring, $5

8. Membership to The Arbor Day Foundation + 10 free trees to plant with neighbors, $10

9. Class with a local craftsperson + a great feeling of accomplishment, from $10

10. Pocket journal + encouragement to find your Ikigai, $13

11. Thick wool socks from our beloved Finland + a reason to embrace winter, $22 

12. One year wall calendar + a vision for the future, $24

13. A micro loan + paying it forward, $25

14. Sewing kit + extending the life of your clothes, $25

15. Handwoven basket + a wild harvesting expedition, from $40

16. Stainless steel water bottle + a hunt for a local spring, $30

17. Rescue dog + a new best friend for life, $50+

18. National Parks Annual Pass + mapping out a road trip together, $80

19. Cabin in the woods + three days of forest bathing, $100+

20. Stock in a local CSA + fresh fruits and vegetables all season, from $200

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