Movnat Workout with Ned CBD

MovNat: Get Fit for Free with Natural Movement

By Ret Taylor

Your next workout could be right outside your door.

Gym membership gathering dust? You’re not the only one.

That’s exactly what gyms are banking on, according to NPR’s Planet Money. “From design to pricing to free bagels, gyms want to be this product that everyone buys but no one actually uses.” 

They’re playing mind games with us. Well, no more! Get fit without the annual fees or feelings of guilt.

Ned CBD Founder Ret Movnat Workout

Long before he co-founded Ned, Ret started what would become one of New York City’s largest Meetup groups, Natural Movement NYC. Inspired by the principles of MovNat, which is all about reconnecting with our body’s thirteen natural movements, he devoted every Saturday to showing people how to turn their city — and its small pockets of nature — into their gym.

As an ultra-marathon runner, Ret thought he was in great shape. But he had a wake up call when he was floored after a friendly pick-up basketball game. Turns out, long-distance running only worked a few muscles. If he wanted to be healthy, he had to focus on his whole body.

Movnat Workout CBD for Muscle Pain

It’s simple: Go outside, soak up some vitamin D, breath in the fresh air, and move like you did when you were a child. Climb trees, crawl through tunnels, hang upside down, roll down hills, and just run around. Rocks become dumbbells and tree branches become pull-up bars.

"It's all about improvising and not knowing what's around the next corner. You can work anything into it, be it a bench or a fence or a staircase," Ret says.

When he first started, a lot of people stopped and looked concerned. Now it’s commonplace to see people swinging from trees in city parks. There’s probably even a free group near you. Learn more with these amazing free natural movement workouts for all levels.

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