About Ned Products

Full spectrum hemp oil is an extract of hemp plants that consists of cannabidiol (CBD) and its accompanying phytocannabinoids. 

Ned Full Spectrum hemp oil is extracted exclusively from hemp flowers, the most cannabinoid- and terpene-rich component of the hemp plant. 

Yes, it is possible to test positive on a drug test from using Full Spectrum Hemp products, despite the trace amounts of THC. 

If your livelihood depends on it, we'd strongly advise against using our ingestible oil product. We'd never want a customer to experience an unexpected positive drug test. 

From seed to bottle, each one of Ned's product is crafted slowly with love, care and exceedingly high standards for quality... it's almost annoying. 

1. Non-GMO plant genetics:
It starts with selecting exceptional non-GMO plant genetics, specifically grown for hemp extract. Farmer Curt has been experimenting with hemp plants for over a decade and has dialed in the exact strains for maximizing cannabinoid density, terpene content, and overall plant integrity.

2. Gentle, slow extraction:
First, we only extract from hemp flowers, otherwise known as ‘buds.’ Other products on the market are often extracted from the stocks and seeds of the hemp plant, which lack all those beautiful aromatic features of the flower.

Second, we use a very gentle, slow, and cold ethanol-based extraction method, which is done at -17°F. That means neither high heat nor high pressure compromise the profile of the hemp flower or its cannabinoid or terpene content. 

3. NO isolates or synthetic ingredients
CBD isolates are ever more present in the market. An isolate is a lab isolated CBD compound, existing in a white powder form, stripped of all the other phytocannabinoids that complement cannabidiol so immensely. Without these other cannabinoids, there is no “entourage effect,” which is now thought to be behind the true healing powers of hemp.

Ned’s full-spectrum oil, on the other hand, contains other active cannabinoids in addition to the cannabidiol. This includes other compounds such as CBG, CBC, CBDV, as well as those lovely smelling hemp terpenes.

We know what you're thinking and we're sorry for being so vague. Unfortunately, due to FDA compliance restrictions, we aren't able to speak to the virtues of dietary supplements like full spectrum hemp oil. The rules are meant to protect consumers from companies making absurd claims like "xyz will make you live forever" or what not. So in lieu of us being able to educate you, we encourage you to consult your physician, speak to a healer, and do your own research to get to know how this wonderful plant effects our bodies and minds. 

Along with the CBD, there are a number of additional cannabinoids in our products. Even in low quantities, these cannabinoids interact with our native endocannabinoid system, and are present in our hemp extract.

No, full spectrum hemp oil is a major non-psychotropic, which means it will NOT get you high.

Yes, our hemp oil is independently tested by Pro Verde Laboratories and tests below the limits of pesticides, mold, heavy metals and other contaminants.

Batch 1-3

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Batch 4-7

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We are in strict compliance with federal and international laws.

To us, Ned is the epitome of approachability. Ned is a representation of a character who you trust and turn to when you're looking for help on anything from fixing your fence to finding a natural cure for a headache. Ned embodies our brand in his simple ways, colloquial manners, and understated worldliness. To some, he's a mix of the Big Lebowski cowboy and Sean Penn in Walter Mitty, but Ned is whatever you interpret it/him to be!

Ned hemp is not certified organic. Organic certification with the USDA is quite cost prohibitive for the small independent farms from which we source our hemp. 

However, all of Ned hemp is grown with organic and biodynamic practices. Our 3rd party labs are available for viewing here that show zero pesticides, VOCs, or other indication of unnatural growing practices. 

The MCT carrier oil we use is certified organic and the COA is available on the above page as well.

Using Ned Products

We give a loose guide of lightweight (300mg), middleweight (750mg), and heavyweight (1500mg) to give you a sense of what would be best for you. If you're new to cannabinoids, we always suggesting starting slow and low so you can get comfortable making hemp oil a part of your daily regimen for overall wellness. Start at 300mg and work your way up. 

If you're addressing specific needs, we suggest the 750mg or 1500mg, which is more cost effective as well. 

It varies depending on dosage, concentration and frequency, but if using daily you can expect to reorder every 30-45 days. 

One year.

Dosing questions and Side Effects

We always recommend starting slow and low at 10mg per dose, 1-2x per day. You're welcome to dose up as needed, you can't take too much!

1. Dispense under your tongue

2. Hold for 30 seconds up to 2 minutes to allow the capillaries under your tongue to absorb the cannabinoids.

3. Swallow it down!

At most, you may feel an essential calm. 

In rare cases, some people may have an unknown allergy to hemp / cannabis, which may cause a slight allergic reaction and itchiness in the throat. In this case, stop taking the hemp oil and consult a physician before proceeding. 

Ned for Pets

Yes, CBD/full spectrum hemp oil is great for dogs, cats, people and anything else with an endocannabinoid system. 

Best to use Ned Full Spectrum Hemp Oil as the fur will get in the way of a topical! The 300mg bottle is a good place to start for your pets. 

We recommend 1mg for every 10lbs of your pet's weight 1-2x per day. You can dose up or down depending on how it seems to be working. 

Orders and Shipping

You can apply your promo code on the payments page of checkout. 

No, you may only use one promo code per order. 

Subscribers are not able to apply promo codes. 

You may refer to all shipping and returns policies here!

Unfortunately, no. Due to ambiguity around international customs laws, high duties, and tracking issues, we currently only ship within the United States.