All natural topical creams to support pain relief, inflammation, and cramps. Ned's full spectrum topicals are rich in anti-inflammatory compounds and consciously crafted with powerful botanicals to help you feel healthier and happier. Stimulate blood flow, promote healing, and experience the best in natural pain relief. 

Topical FAQs

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What are natural topicals used for?

Topicals can provide a variety of health benefits. They may help to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, prevent cramps, stimulate blood flow, and more. All of the topicals we have available contain powerful botanicals that may help to boost your mood as well as your overall health and they are often sought out as natural pain relievers, too.

How do natural topicals work?

Topicals work by activating the cannabinoid receptors in your body after they have been absorbed by your skin. Unlike other topical products, our topicals are made from high-quality ingredients and don’t contain nasty chemicals.

Can hemp topicals be used for joint pain?

Hemp topicals are known to be effective at reducing pain because they interact with your body's endocannabinoid system, which is one of the main systems in your body that regulates pain sensations. The anti-inflammatory ingredients that are used in our topical creams may provide you with fast-acting pain relief and help minimize your discomfort when it comes to joint pain.

Are hemp topicals effective for muscle soreness?

Hemp topicals can be used as a natural remedy to reduce muscle pain that’s experienced because of an injury or chronic condition. They slow down the rate at which your body breaks down the endocannabinoid anandamide, which may help to regulate and reduce the pain that you’re experiencing.

How much Full Spectrum Hemp is in topical products?

How much hemp there is in topicals will depend on the type of product you’re using. For example, our 2oz Relief Balm contains 500mg of our high-quality USDA-certified organic CBD, while our lip balms contain 25mg.