Lifestyle | May 05, 2022

What Moms Really Want This Mother's Day

By Rory Coulter
What Moms Really Want This Mother's Day

Take the guesswork out of giving this Mother’s Day. Some of our favorite moms drop some not-so-subtle hints about what they really want. 

Rory’s pick: Sleep Blend

Why: “Love chocolate. Love flowers. Love jewelry. Are you taking notes? But what I’d like more than anything . . . just a good night’s sleep! This stuff helps me sleep like a baby — you know, if babies actually slept!”

Annie’s pick: Balance Blend

Why: “Having something of my own to nourish and support my wellbeing is crucial as a mom especially during my cycle.” 

Erin’s pick: Hemp Infused Body Butter

Why: “It smells incredible and is so soothing. I love to apply after a warm bath and before bed! It’s such a treat and perfect for growing bellies too.” 

Megan’s pick: Balance Blend

Why: “Because apparently throwing a tantrum like your child because you just can't take it anymore between stress and hormones is looked down upon in your early 40s. Who knew?”

Denise’s pick: De-Stress Blend

Why: “It is just the perfect subtle taste that will get me through a difficult moment. It makes me feel calmer and more centered during these stressful circumstances.” 

Win’s pick: Hemp Infused Lip Balm Variety Pack

Why: “After a long winter, these lip balms are so healing, moisturizing, and tasty!”

Caroline’s pick: Sleep Blend and Lavenderberry Mellö

Why: “I personally love the Full Spectrum Hemp Sleep Blend (I use it every night), as well as the Mellö Magnesium Lavenderberry flavor (which tastes amazing!), both of which have really helped improve my mental and physical health!”


"Sleep Blend has been great for getting deep, restful sleep. As a mom to young kids, this totally changes my day."


“I was struggling with sleep, having difficulty falling asleep at times and trouble falling back asleep if I woke up. Not anymore!! Sleep Blend is amazing! I had to get used to the flavor but now it doesn’t bother me. My Mom has been using too and loves it!”


“Have Sleep Blend as a gift to my 67yo mom... she hasn’t had a good nights sleep in over 10 years... first time she slept all night and woke up with no aches and pains in her neck.”


“Seriously, Sleep Blend has changed my nights forever for the better. I wake up significantly less, fall asleep quicker, and feel more rested every morning. Could not recommend more. I gave some to my mom for Christmas as well and she says it works like nothing has ever worked for her before - helps with her achy back as well.”


“I tried a sample of Sleep Blend previously and so glad I came back to buy the big bottle. This has been great for getting deep, restful sleep! As a mom to young kids this totally changes my day.”


“I am a new mom and recently bought Sleep Blend to help me get through the night. What I love is that I can wake up at night if baby wakes up relaxed and go back to sleep without any problems until morning.”



“Daily Blend smells and tastes like the plant and works great. I’m not an expert on CBD but I have tried four or five before this and none have been anything like this one. I heard about NED on a podcast and ordered it from Virginia to try. I’m happy I did. I am a stay at home mom and it helps me stay calm and centered taking care of three crazy kids under four. Also helps with anxiety and mood. And personally, I only need the lowest dose to feel these effects. Good stuff, good quality.”


"My 86 year old Mama's sciatica returned and really slowed the zippy senior down. So, I sent her some 750mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil and the pain subsided and she's back at Zumba. Thanks Ned."


"I am a stay at home mom and Full Spectrum Hemp Oil helps me stay calm and centered taking care of three crazy kids under four."


“I have tried Daily Blend, Sleep Blend, De-Stress Blend, and Mellö. Love all the products. I got my mom started on the capsules once those became available. She suffers from a lot of chronic pain as she is in heart failure along with COPD, diabetes, along with other issues, anxiety and depression. She went from taking Tylenol every 4-5 hours daily to not needing it much at all anymore. I can always tell when I call her by the sound of her voice if she has taken her Ned capsules yet that day or not. Thank you so much for your amazing products and helping my mom live a little more pain free in the end stages of her life.”


“Ordered the CBD oil for my mom who has arthritis - in just a week - she's experiencing less pain, is sleeping better and feeling more relaxed. Thank you for a great product.”


“Daily Blend helps me be a better mom and work through my ptsd with ease. Thank you.”



“As a mom of 3 and full time teacher, quality sleep has not been easy, and its impact on my life was huge. After hearing about Ned on a podcast, I decided to give Mellö a try. I felt the effects of this product the first night, and have noticed a big change in how my days are going. At night I am sleeping and actually feel rested in the morning! I have more energy during the day, and everyone has noticed an increase in my patience! I will be a lifelong customer for sure! Thank you, Ned, for helping me feel like myself again!”