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How We Ned

By Rory Coulter
How We Ned

There’s no wrong way to Ned, so long as you follow our three simple principles: 


(In all things — not just natural remedies.) 


Everything worthwhile in life takes time. 


Consistency is the difference between good and great. 


The best path is the one that suits you.

Find out how Adriaan, Ret, and other members of the Ned team use our best selling products. Then learn how to create your own daily wellness ritual with Ned. >



De-stress Blend in the morning . . .

“I take De-Stress Blend each morning. I originally wasn’t taking it as often as I’d like because my mornings were pretty hectic. But because consistency is key, I now have a bottle at both my office desk as well as my home office. It gives me that sense of separation from my stress and allows me to operate a bit more freely throughout the day. I use a full dropper each time!”

Daily Blend in the evening . . .

“ I love the simplicity of Daily Blend. It’s just two ingredients, but also so powerful. I use the 1500mg, usually in the evening. It makes me feel like I’m taking care of my baseline each day.”

Mellö every night . . . 

“ I take Mellö religiously at night. It’s a ritual now. I prefer Lavenderberry Mellö with a few ice cubes shaken in a bottle. It’s one of those things that if I forget to take, I’ll go ahead and get out of bed to take it. I use a single scoop and it makes me feel like I’m giving my body what it needs.”

Body Butter as needed . . .

“I’m not as religious with body butter, but I LOVE it when my skin takes a beating. That could be after a cold and windy ski day or if I get a little too much sun on vacation. It’s truly the best.”

Sleep Blend as needed . . .

“I’m a sound sleeper so I don’t always need to use Sleep Blend. I’ll use it when I’m in serious need of restorative sleep. It may be after a trip and I’m jet lagged, on a red eye flight, or if I’m feeling a little over-caffeinated. I use about 35mg and it puts me down.”



Daily Blend in the mornings . . .

“I love our 1500mg. A bottle of it lives on my bathroom vanity. Many mornings I’ll have a full dropper (50mg) for general wellness. It makes me feel balanced. I also like knowing I’m doing something healthy for myself.”

De-stress Blend throughout the day . . . 

“I love De-Stress Blend. A bottle of it lives in my briefcase. I’ll take a dropper full each time I’m feeling a bit stressed. I try to anticipate when that’s going to be so I can get ahead of it, but I find it kicks in quickly whenever I reach for it. 

Mellö every single night (and morning too) . . .

“I have a glass of Mellö every single night. Often, I’ll also have one in the morning. I love what it does for my memory, focus, and clarity. Brain fog just isn’t there when I use Mellö.”

Body Butter every single day . . .

“I can honestly say, I’ve used our Body Butter every single day for the past 3+ years. It’s my daily moisturizer. It’s all natural, gentle on my skin, and where I used to have trouble with my skin, that’s a thing of the past. I also love knowing I’m getting my cannabinoids this way. As an athlete it’s been a game changer not only for recovery, but also for maintenance. I used to spend a lot of time and money on physical therapy, sports massage, you name it. That too is a thing of the past and I attribute much of that to consistent use of our Body Butter.” 

Sleep Blend as needed . . .

“This is my go-to whenever I need to absolutely crush some Sleep. I’ll usually take two full droppers and then it’s lights out.”



Body Butter every morning . . .

“I LOVE the body butter, especially during the winter here in CO when it gets so dry. I use it every morning after I get ready for the day and every evening before I go to bed on my hands and anywhere else that might need a little extra support. It has also helped immensely in combination with Balance Blend for managing pain in my hands from typing on the computer, etc! It’s also a huge support for any eczema pop ups!”

Balance Blend in the morning and evening . . .

“Balance Blend is probably my favorite Ned product that I use and I carry it with me everyday. It has helped so much not only with balancing my hormones but the Full Spectrum Hemp Oil has also helped to manage daily joint pain. I typically take about 10mg in the morning after breakfast and another 10mg in the evening, an hour or two before bed. I’ll sometimes increase the serving size as I near the start of my cycle as I find it really helps to support any symptoms that arise.”

Daily Blend during the day . . .

“I love adding in 25mg of Daily Blend 1500mg when I need a little extra support during the day with managing pain, etc. I sometimes get pretty awful migraines and it has made an unbelievable difference for me in managing the pain naturally when I get them. It’s also been so helpful for joint pain if I hurt a little more some days than others or for headaches, etc.”

Mellö every night . . .

“I take Mello Lavenderberry everytime about 30 minutes after dinner. I shake it up in my mello bottle and I really enjoy how it helps me with my evening wind down routine and definitely helps with my sleep. It has replaced the magnesium and GABA supplements I was taking daily already and love that I get the L-Theanine as well!”

Sleep Blend as needed . . .

“Sleep Blend has been really supportive for me when I know I need to really get a good night's sleep and I know Mello won’t be quite enough. I take about 1mL (25mg of CBD and 2.5mg of CBN) an hour before bed and it helps me fall asleep and stay asleep and I don’t wake up feeling groggy!”



Body Butter every day . . .

Since getting two hip surgeries a few years ago, I require a lot of joint/muscle support around those areas and the Body Butter is my go-to product for immediate relief. I get really achy hips from exercising or just day-to-day activity so the body butter is great to have on hand whenever and wherever! It's also so nourishing for the winter season when the skin is overly dry and needs some added love + hydration. 

Balance Blend every day . . . 

“Balance blend has been my favorite formulation of Neds, it's literally the reason I wanted to work for the company. I work with the BB daily, generally once a day. As I get closer to menstruation, I will increase my serving size and frequency to add more support as my body transitions internally. Balance Blend has provided so much support to my hormone and menstrual health over the last few years, very grateful for this product! Learn more about what makes Balance Blend so amazing. >

Sleep Blend on the weekends . . .

“Sleep blend is my go-to when I serve on weekends. After a shift of evening serving, it's hard to wind down so I use the sleep blend to make sure I get a good night’s rest and am ready for the week ahead.”

Daily Blend as needed . . .

“I use 1500mg Daily Blend on an as needed basis. Generally for the days or weeks that are a bit more high stress or exercise is more than normal. I’ll typically use 10mg and if needed for pain management purposes, I’ll do a pulse serving method of 10mg 2-4x a day.” 

De-Stress Blend as needed . . .

“I’ve recently integrated the De-Stress Blend and have found it to be really supportive in the luteal phase of my cycle. This is where my energy is a little lower, my mood isn’t as positive, and I am less motivated than normal. De-Stress Blend keeps my nervous system calm and supports my overall wellness during that time of my cycle.”

- Carlynn



Daily blend every morning . . .

“I cherish my morning coffee ritual but it leaves me feeling a little raw and anxious. I found that adding a half dropper of 1500mg to my coffee helps prevent coffee jitters and tastes surprisingly good!”

Mellö every day . . .  

“I drink a glass of Mello Naked combined with liquid probiotic everyday when I take my vitamins. It’s an easy way to make sure that I’m getting what my body needs everyday.”

Sleep Blend every night . . .

“I LOVE Sleep Blend! I take it 1 hour before I want to experience the warm, fuzzy feeling that we get before falling into a deep sleep. I usually wake up once a night and am able to fall back asleep right away.”

Body Butter as needed . . .

I use the Body Butter to soften the chronic tension between my shoulder blades and neck. About 30 minutes after I put it on, I feel a thorough reset in my muscles and the tension is gone!”




Daily Blend every morning . . .

“Daily Blend has seamlessly made its way into my morning routine, but how I take it changes. Sometimes I’ll take it sublingually, but I’ve also been known to add a dropperful to coffee or morning smoothie.”

Sleep Blend every night . . .

“Sleep Blend is my favorite Ned product. It lives on my bedside table and is there for me whenever I need the extra support in getting to sleep.” 

Body Butter as needed . . .

“As an avid skier and hiker, it’s not uncommon for me to be nursing bumps and bruises from my most recent adventure. Topically applying hemp oil and arica helps me to manage pain and support healing naturally.”

- Billie

Now you’re ready to learn how to create your own daily wellness ritual with Ned! >


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