Lifestyle | December 27, 2022

Salia's Shuteye Chai Hot Toddy

By Billie Schaub
Salia's Shuteye Chai Hot Toddy

The nights are longer and the days are colder, meaning it's hot toddy season. This classic cocktail infused with lemon and honey is cozy, calming, and can even be great for soothing a sore throat. Salia of @holisticcocktails has created this non-alcoholic version with Shuteye Chai that's an even better for preparing the mind and body for bed! Plus, meet Salia and discover her favorite sleep tip!



2 scoops Ned Shuteye Chai
6 oz Hot Apple Cider
1 oz Non-Alcoholic Spirit
¾ oz Lemon Juice
½ oz Honey
Cinnamon Stick
Lemon Wheel

-In a prep glass, add apple cider and Ned Shuteye Chai.
-Blend until well combined.
-Pour mixture into serving glass and add non-alcoholic spirit, lemon juice, and honey.
-Garnish with lemon and a cinnamon stick, and enjoy!

Q+A with Salia

Ned: What’s your name, occupation, and instagram handle?

Salia: My name is Salia. I'm a content creator and you can follow me at @holisticcocktails.

Ned: What inspired you to start creating mocktails?

Salia: I started making mocktails to help with my gut, skin, and mental health. Alcohol is a known depressant and can wreak havoc on your gut health and skin health. Holistic mocktails became the perfect way to have a fun social beverage while boosting my mood, stabilizing my hormone health, and decreasing stress. Plus no more hangovers!

Ned: What does holistic health mean to you?

Salia: Holistic health is understanding that everything in your life is interconnected - mental and physical. Your mental health can cause physical manifestations in the body, just like the physical things your body pairs with can affect your mental health. Optimizing both will help you become the best version of yourself and enjoy life in a more wholesome way.

Ned: What do you love about Shuteye Chai?

Salia: I love Shuteye Chai because it adds magnesium to my system (almost everyone is deficient in this mineral!), adaptogens that help with decreasing stress, and warming spices that are PERFECT for winter and what your gut health really enjoys.

Ned: What's your nightly Shuteye Chai ritual?

Salia: My nightly routine is dry brushing, enjoying a relaxing bath, and making a cozy cup of Shuteye Chai as I unwind by journaling my day and snuggling up with my current favorite book (How To Switch On Your Brain by Dr. Caroline Leaf is great if you haven't read it before!).

Ned: How does Shuteye Chai support your sleep?

Salia: It helps my body to unwind and have better REM sleep. It feels like your body exhales the stress of the day and has the support for deep sleep without any stress or worries. Literally the best feeling ever.

Ned: What do you do with the sediment at the bottom of the mug?

Salia: If you're a regular tea stirrer like me, as you sip on a cup of Shuteye there typically isn't any sediment left. But if there is, I just add some hot water and stir it up!

Ned: What's your favorite sleep tip?

Salia: There are so many sleeping hacks but my favorite that I've noticed a difference with (besides drinking Shuteye) is turning off all wifi every night. That includes the wifi box, disabling wifi on all devices, and ensuring my bedroom is device-free (including my phone!).