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By Bryan Smith

Name: Hayley Miller

Member since: 2019

Favorite Ned products: 750mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil & Mellö

Ned: How would you describe yourself?  

Hayley: I’m a very empathetic and passionate person. I can be passionate to a fault, sometimes putting my energy in too many (or the wrong) buckets. But my faith always keeps me grounded.

Ned: What are the core values that guide you in your daily life?  

Hayley: For others to see Christ through me. Through the way I smile, care, nourish, and rest. I see health as a means to be the best vessel of God’s love I can . . . and I truly believe that any natural remedy is a gift from Him.

Ned: What’s your motto or favorite quote? 

Hayley: “Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.” Corrie Ten Boom

Ned: What brings you the most joy?

Hayley: Quality time with those I love. Whether it’s a walk on a beautiful day, a slow brunch discussing life, a night full of deep conversation and laughter, or even an hour long phone call with my mom.

Ned: What brought you to Ned? 

Hayley: I heard about Ned on MindPump years ago and decided to get myself an early birthday present in 2019. Ever since then I have stopped using any depression or anxiety medication and I continue to get more and more obsessed with the different products from Ned.

Ned: What are your favorite Ned products and why?

Hayley: The full-spectrum oil will forever be the OG. I use the 750mg personally, but could definitely see myself using the 1500mg. I’m also obsessed with Mellö! I took a different brand of magnesium for YEARS . . . and I never knew what magnesium could actually do for me until I started taking Mellö. I even use the lemon flavor now to make a mixed drink on the weekends! It helps especially with the effects alcohol normally has on me.

Ned: Can you share your wonderful lemon drop recipe?!

Hayley: I just mix a scoop of the lemon Mello with a serving of organic vodka, a dash of celtic sea salt, and a dropper of De-Stress Blend (or regular hemp oil). I just love that I can get extra Mellö while enjoying a nice drink with my husband. I also often struggle with alcohol and anxiety if I’m not careful with it—and this mixture has been a true life saver!

Ned: How do you use your favorite Ned product? 

Hayley: I’ve turned my Ned into a ritual. Depending on when I’m best able to: I fill a cup with a scoop of Mellö, a pinch of salt, a dose of vitamin D3K2, my probiotic . . . and then I put a dropper of Ned Hemp Oil under my tongue. I wash it down with the drink mixture so that the oil can help my body absorb the vitamin D. When I make my lemon drop I honestly do the same thing, I just make sure to hydrate extra that night before I go to bed!

Ned: Why do you love being a North Star Member?  

Hayley: I get to be affiliated with one of the best companies I know! I see so many companies get hyped up on popularity and they lose sight of their mission and who they started as. You guys haven’t . . . you’ve just gotten better! And as a customer I really appreciate that type of authenticity!

Ned: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?  

Hayley: Look up, child.

Ned: What’s the kindest thing anyone’s ever said/done for you?

Hayley: That’s such a hard one, because I have SO many loving and caring people in my life. I truly do not believe I would be where I am today without the faith my (now husband) had in me.

Ned: What’s something you’ve learned this past year?

Hayley: I’ve learned that much of the negative thoughts in my life are simply there and have no impact unless I let them. I have a deep pool of compassion in me that has been waiting for me to use.

Ned: What’s your best tip for managing stress?  

Hayley: A walk in the sun. Even if it’s cold . . . get outside. The healing of nature is a real thing . . . and moving my body while getting in the greatness that is God’s creation is just an overall game changer.

Ned: What’s a super simple practice you do that’s improved your life? 

Hayley: Setting a weekly intention. I write it in my planner on Monday mornings.

Ned: What’s the smallest change you’ve made that’s had the biggest impact?

Hayley: Listening to Christian radio. It’s crazy how much of a mindset shift I get just from consuming His Word in music form daily.

Ned: What’s something you want to start doing? What’s something you want to stop doing?  

Hayley: I want to start reading more books and browsing less social media. 

Ned: What’s your favorite morning ritual?  

Hayley: Does my morning workout count? I just love moving my body first thing in the morning.

Ned: What’s your favorite nighttime ritual?  

Hayley: My Mellö mocktail (or weekend cocktail) for sure!

Ned: What’s something that would make the world a better place? 

Hayley: Grace. We all spend so much time trying to be “right” we forget that being right isn’t the most important thing.

Ned: What’s something you’re grateful for? 

Hayley: My husband. We were high school sweethearts and he’s the only boy I’ve ever really dated. In a world so full of uncertainties, he has always been there. My best friend, and I truly believe God blessed me with him for a reason.

Ned: Who do you follow that really inspires you?  

Hayley: There are so many people . . . but if I had to pick my top three it would be @iammegdoll @carolineleaf @writtentospeak.


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