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Mellö Magnesium: The Secret's In The Superblend

By Rory Coulter
Magnesium Supplement

Mellö is a full spectrum Magnesium Superblend made up of powdered Magnesium Glycinate (AKA magnesium for your brain & nervous system), Magnesium Citrate (AKA magnesium for your gut), and Magnesium Gluconate (AKA magnesium for your blood, bones & brain), along with L-theanine, GABA (for a calm nervous system), and over 70 trace minerals.

Magnesium enables over 600 cellular process that power all major biological functions inside of us including brain function, immune function, DNA synthesis, and everything else.

This Superblend is specially formulated to nourish every inch of your body — and brain! Find out how . . .

The Best Magnesium Supplement for Whole Body Health

When it comes to Mellö, the whole is even greater than the sum of its parts. (Hence, Superblend.) That’s saying a lot, because its parts are the best found on earth — we made sure of that!

What's Inside

Mellö features three of the most absorbable and bioavailable forms of chelated magnesium in powder form, two powerful amino acids and over 70 trace minerals essential to our physiology.

MAGNESIUM BISGLYCINATE (AKA magnesium for your brain & nervous system)

What it is: The most bioavailable form of magnesium, magnesium bisglycinate has a calming effect on the brain and body, making it the preferred magnesium for helping to reduce anxiety and promote healthy sleep. It is also known to promote bone health, manage blood sugar regulation, amplify exercise performance, and help with pain related issues.   

MAGNESIUM CITRATE (AKA magnesium for your gut)

What it is: Aquamin magnesium citrate is the most nutrient dense form of magnesium on earth. This certified organic marine plant multimineral complex is sustainably sourced from the pristine waters of the North Atlantic and contains over 70 essential trace minerals. Unlike a lot of magnesium citrate out there, Aquamin Magnesium Citrate is very gentle on your stomach and easy to digest.

Magnesium citrate helps regulate calcium transport across cell membranes, increases the flexibility of artery walls, and supports healthy digestive tract function by triggering the intestines to release water into the stool.

MAGNESIUM LACTATE GLUCONATE (AKA magnesium for your blood, bones & muscles)

What it is: Magnesium lactate gluconate is a combination of magnesium and lactic and gluconic acids. It blends the benefits of magnesium lactate and magnesium gluconate into a single form.

According to PubChem, magnesium gluconate is the most bioavailable form of magnesium on the planet, and the recommended type for treating magnesium deficiency.

Magnesium lactate builds on the benefits of lactate, a compound naturally produced by our body to aid processes related to wakefulness, arousal, energy production, and inhibiting excess neuronal activity to protect cells from excitotoxicity.  


L-Theanine is an amino acid shown to promote relaxation without drowsiness. Studies suggest L-theanine can decrease anxiety, improve immunity, promote healthy sleep, and help regulate the body’s stress response.


GABA or gamma-Aminobutyric acid is an amino acid naturally produced in the brain. It acts as an inhibitory neurotransmitter to quiet down nervous system activity and a mediator for the endocrine system.

In the nervous system GABA propels rest, relaxation, healthy sleep, reduced anxiety, pain relief, and balanced blood pressure by reducing the activity of neurons.

Studies suggest that as an endocrine mediator GABA contributes to gastrointestinal (GI) tract functions such as motility, acid secretion, esophageal relaxation, and the inhibition of GI carcinogenesis and tumor growth.


Trace minerals are essential minerals the body gets through food. Human bodies only need trace minerals in tiny amounts, but they are crucial to bone, muscle, heart, and brain health.

Try Mellö

Sample Mellö today and nourish every cell in your body with one delicious superblend.


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