Ned Daily Blend Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil 750mg CBD

Higher Neducation: Daily Blend

Where would we be without our first-ever product and best-seller, Daily Blend? Ned’s USDA certified-organic Daily Blend is made with just two ingredients: full-spectrum hemp oil and MCT oil.

Higher Neducation: Natural Remedies Explained
Higher Neducation: Natural Remedies Explained

Natural remedies are composed of ingredients that come from nature that help support and regulate the healing processes of the body. Plants, flowers, and medicinal compounds have evolved to develop healing properties over millions of years. They were here way before humans. Connecting with plant medicine means connecting with the earth and our ancestral past.

Ned Hemp Hormone Balance Blend with CBD and Traditional Botanicals
Higher Neducation: Balance Blend

Hormone levels are constantly changing. Not only do they change during pregnancy, puberty, and menopause, but also throughout the day. That’s why we created Balance Blend, by women and for women.

Ned Stress Relief CBD and CBG Oil
Higher Neducation: De-Stress Blend

Stress is a part of life, but people have never been more stressed out than they are today. According to one study, 77% of adults experience stress that affects their physical health, which makes sense, because stress doesn’t just negatively impact your quality of life. Stress actually suppresses your immune system and puts you at greater risk for developing diseases.