Sleep Blend

Sleep deeper, longer and wake up refreshed with Sleep Blend — the natural path to deeper sleep. This organically made tincture tincture blends CBN — a powerful cannabinoid that promotes sleep, full spectrum hemp from the purest single source hemp flower extract and organic botanicals used in traditional medicine.

Sleep deeper, longer and wake up refreshed with Sleep Blend — the natural path to deeper sleep. This organically made tincture tincture blends CBN — a powerful cannabinoid that promotes sleep, full spectrum hemp from the purest single source hemp flower extract and organic botanicals used in traditional medicine.

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A Natural Sleep Remedy

Ned Sleep Blend is crafted with love by extraordinary people from organic high-CBN hemp.

It's only natural

A peek inside the Sleep Blend with CBN


Cannabinoids are hemp compounds that interact with our body's endocannabinoid system (ECS) and other targets to support healthy sleep and recovery.



Terpenes are aromatic compounds that work with cannabinoids to maximize each other's beneficial effects on stress, balance, relaxation, and sleep.

Caryophyllene, Bisabolol, Humulene


A potent infusion of organic and wildcrafted botanicals infused with organic MCT oils to support relaxation and deep sleep.

Oatstraw, skullcap, and more

Sweet dreams are made of these


MCT oil* +

Oatstraw* +

Lemon balm* +

Passionflower* +

Skullcap* +

Full Spectrum Hemp* +


How to use

Make it a ritual.

1. Shake well before use.

2. Drop Sleep Blend under your tongue. Hold for at least 60 seconds.

3. Swallow and get some shuteye.

Take one hour before bed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1056 reviews
Rita Mella
Amazing Product

So happy I subscribed! I get fun little gifts every now and then with my sleep blend. It helps me falls asleep without getting super drowsy.

Ampy Koranteng

I got up five days later! LoL it truly did the job

Nick Cordova
A must before bed now

I honestly feel like I get much better sleep when taking these. I've been trying to increase sleep quality and this is a must for me now

Diane Armstead

It’s a helpful product for me

Maria Hyer
it works

Sleep Blend works very well almost immediately for me. If I had a suggestion it would be nice to add some kind of flavor like mint or something to make it go down easier.

Megan Keil
I have never slept better in my life.

I have tried many non-prescription sleep aids/methods but nothing comes close to the amazing sleep I am getting since using the sleep blend! I recommend it to everyone! You do not wake up groggy, you wake up rested and refreshed!


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3rd Party Labs

Independently Tested for Purity


— Cannabidiol

25 mg/mL


— Cannabinol

25 mg/mL


— Cannabidiol

25 mg/mL

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Learn more about Full Spectrum Hemp for sleep

CBD & CBN for Sleep

Catching Zzzs with the help of cannabinoids like Cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabinol (CBN) has been linked with positive sleep outcomes like sleeping deeper longer and waking up less frequently.

Researchers have established a clear link between hemp and sleep, and hemp sleep research studies suggest that cannabinoids such as CBD and CBN play a role in promoting enhanced sleep via multiple mechanisms.

Once thought of as a throwaway by-product, CBN oil has recently come to the forefront as potentially the most potent sedative of the over 100 naturally occurring cannabinoids found in hemp.

Together with CBD, CBN provides functional support for decreasing the amount of time it takes to fall asleep, enhancing deep sleep, and lowering the number of nighttime awakenings. CBN can also be used to help alleviate pain, encourage bone cell growth and reduce stress while offering antibacterial, anti-convulsive, and anti-inflammatory properties.

How much CBD & CBN do you need for sleep?

Both CBD and CBN have been shown to be biphasic, meaning that they exert different effects in low doses versus high doses.

However, whereas CBD causes wakefulness in lower doses, and sedation in higher doses, CBN has the opposite effect: eliciting sedation in lower doses and wakefulness in higher doses.

A 1mL dose of Ned’s Sleep Blend tinctures delivers 25mg CBD and 2.5mg CBN, plus calming botanicals traditionally used to promote better sleep. 

Living Better Starts With Sleeping Better

50 million Americans are reported to suffer from some form of sleeping disorder. Our biologies and perhaps more than that, the demands of the modern world, often disrupt our sleep cycles. Between the difficulty we experience when falling asleep after a late night on the computer and the lagging effects of that afternoon cup of coffee on our restorative deep sleep, our bodies benefit from the soothing powers of hemp oil and traditional medicinals.

To help you achieve maximum tranquility with steady, and consistent, and deeper sleep, we’ve enhanced the sleep blend with organic and wildcrafted natural sleep aids like Oatstraw, Nettles, Valerian, Lemon Balm, Passionflower, Skullcap, Chamomile, Licorice, and Calendula. 

In addition to its positive effects on sleep, Ned’s full spectrum hemp oil is rich in a whole array of powerful bioactive compounds including cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and chlorophyll. These compounds are highly regarded for their unique therapeutic actions as antioxidants, anxiolytics, anti-inflammatories, mood enhancers, and more. Research suggests that these varied hemp compounds work together in what scientists have called “the entourage effect” to potentiate each other’s beneficial effects like those related to hormonal balance or encouraging the growth of new brain and bone cells. 

Organically Grown Biodynamic Hemp Flowers

Our hemp is grown on a biodynamic farm, meaning the soil that it’s grown in is not only organic but properly replenished with essential nutrients and minerals using biodynamic farming practices. Because hemp is a “cleaning” crop, it absorbs and eventually passes the substances found in its soil to you. That is why we make sure that our hemp is grown in the highest quality soil and that it always remains free of inorganic additives, chemicals, heavy metals, or pesticides. We verify the potency and purity of each batch with third-party laboratory testing available on each product page.

Ned’s hemp products are derived from hemp flowers only and extracted using slow, gentle, -40 degree Fahrenheit organic ethanol extraction. This method retains the greatest concentration of all that is therapeutic in hemp including cannabinoids CBD, CBN, CBG, and CBC, cannaflavonoids, terpenes Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Linalool, and chlorophyll.

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