Our Energetic Infusions


“Everything in life is vibration.” – Albert Einstein


From seed to bottle, all Ned Full Spectrum Hemp products are energetically infused with love, gratitude and positive vibrational energy.

  • Positive Vibes: Farmer Curt sees to it that each of our beautiful, organic hemp plants receives the best of everything, including a lifetime of sun, mountain water and great tunes.

  • Love and Gratitude: Once extracted, the words “love” and “gratitude” are energetically infused into the hemp oil according to the findings of Dr. Masura Emoto in his NY Times Best Seller, “The Hidden Messages in Water.”

  • Binaural Beats: Our products are attuned to the frequencies of 3.5 Hz and 7.83 Hz are then played to the contents of each bottle to promote balance and grounding. Binaural beats are the result of two different auditory impulses heard from opposite ears. The Delta 3.5hz frequency is associated with remedying depression and anxiety while promoting DNA repair. 7.83hz is the powerful healing frequency of earth’s magnetic field (Schumann’s Resonance), which promotes focus, balance and calm. 

By the time our CBD products reach you, we’ve taken every possible step to ensure you’re receiving the very best of everything, including the right vibrational energy.