Higher Neducation: Natural Remedies Explained

Higher Neducation: Natural Remedies Explained

By Rory Coulter

Natural remedies are composed of ingredients that come from nature that help support and regulate the healing processes of the body. Plants, flowers, and medicinal compounds have evolved to develop healing properties over millions of years. They were here way before humans. Connecting with plant medicine means connecting with the earth and our ancestral past.

Not only do plant compounds have properties that provide medicinal actions, but they also contain vitamins and minerals that support the healing process.

Natural remedies are gentle and aim to target the root cause of disease rather than symptom suppression. Choosing a natural remedy is beneficial to those who are sensitive to medication or would like to try incorporating a supplement, vitamin, or herb before resorting to pharmaceutical medication.

Many times, herbs contain thousands of constituents that work together to decrease the chances of a side effect vs. isolating one active compound.


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