Sleep | October 17, 2022

From Seed to Bottle: Sleep Blend

By Rory Coulter
From Seed to Bottle: Sleep Blend

Each bottle of our bestselling Sleep Blend undergoes a rigorous 365 day slow crafting process that involves 45 extraordinary people and 105 distinct steps. It takes a village, but your sleep is worth it! See what's involved >

Once all the hemp and botanicals from our Farm to Ned Alliance partners arrive at Nedquarters, it’s time to start the six-week in-house production process. Vida, Ned’s Head of Production, outlines what’s involved for her team.


Who: Vida

I don my surgical cap, mask, gloves and turn Binaural and Earth frequency beats in the production room. Mood set, I proceed to extract gallon upon gallon of organic oat straw, lemon balm, passionflower, and skullcap by cooking them separately in organic MCT oil. After the herbs steep in oil for two days, I strain out beautiful, silky oils, each with its own color and aroma. Skullcap oil is a bright Shamrock green. Lemon Balm has a soothing, floral aroma. After the 4 constituent oils are strained, I combine them into a base oil that I use to make Sleep Blend.


Who: Vida

I pulverize CBN into a fine powder since it starts as a hard crystalline product that resembles rose quartz. I then combine the base oil with Special Sauce and Elektra extract and CBN into 5000ml glass beakers and cook them on a hot plate until they reach 140 degrees. Gallon by gallon, I make a final product batch. I pour a little of each completed beaker into 1 gallon glass jugs so that each jug contains a little of all.


I take a 10 ml sample of a completed gallon and send it to Botanacor Labs in Denver to test the product for potency, THC potency, terpene profile, microbial activity, residual solvents, heavy metals, and pesticides. Within 1 week, I receive the results and post them so that everyone has access to them.  


Who: Beto

Bottles are removed from the tubes and droppers are removed from bottles. Bottles are placed in a filling tray and placed under filling spouts. Alignment and fill amount is calibrated for accuracy. Bottles are filled with the final product using an automatic filling machine. Once filled, droppers are attached manually to bottles.


Who: Keith 

Bottles are cleaned with water and rubbing alcohol and then sealed with shrink wrap using a heat gun. Clean, sealed bottles are then placed in their paper tube.  


Who: Sydney 

Paper tubes are sealed with a gold sticker and then the batch number is handwritten on the tube in red ink.  

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