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By Rory Coulter


Drumroll, please – the results are in! We’re counting down your favorite products of 2022. And the winner is . . .



Drumroll, please – the results are in! We’re counting down your favorite products of 2022 and sharing what you love so much about them! We’re so grateful to be able to provide you with better sleep, less stress, and the ability to feel better and live better every day.


Coming in at #3 is . . . Daily Blend!

Why we love it:

Our original and all-time bestselling blend! 

Why you love it:

  • “I feel great all day!” –Heather
  • “Really amazing results with my anxiety.” –Samantha
  • “My go-to for de-stressing.” –Tommy
  • “My pain is gone.” –Bradford

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And the runner up is . . . Mellö Magnesium Superblend! 

Why we love it:

70+ essential minerals. 300 benefits. 1 superblend! Drinking Mellö every day provides you with all your essential daily magnesium plus trace minerals for over 300 whole-body benefits. Mellö promotes healthy aging by helping to support your metabolic health, provides immune support by helping to metabolize Vitamin D and form healing antibodies, improves gut health by helping to boost your microbiome, boosts brain function by helping to calm your mind, promotes calm by helping to reduce stress and anxiety levels, improves sleep by helping to calm your nervous system, and so much more!

Why you love it:

  • “Very calming, very glad I found this.” –Jocelyn
  • “Best sleep in years.” –Jorge
  • “I sleep soooo well now!” –Beth 
  • “Calmness & relaxation! Absolutely LOVE it.” –J.

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And the winner is . . . you guessed it – Sleep Blend! 

Why we love it:

A third of your life is spent sleeping, so make the most of it! Sleep Blend consistently delivers deep, restful sleep for energetic, productive days. And the best part is – it’s all natural! Each bottle undergoes a rigorous 365 day slow crafting process that involves 45 extraordinary people and 105 distinct steps. It takes a village, but your sleep is worth it!

Why you love it:

  • “Best sleep ever.” –Jena
  • “My sleep feels so restful and peaceful.” –S.H.
  • “This product pretty much saved me.” –Chris
  • “This is the first product that has helped me and it’s life changing!” –Amy

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Now, for some very honorable mentions.

Your favorite bundle is . . . The Dream Set! 

Why we love it:

Our two best-selling products together at last! Mellö promotes calm and relaxation to help you fall asleep faster, while Sleep Blend helps you sleep deeper and longer. This is our perfect sleep dream team!

Why you love it:

  • “The ultimate sleep kit.” –B.
  • “I can finally sleep!” –Carol
  • “The Sleep Blend / Mellö combo works wonders!” –Em
  • “Very relaxing combination.” –Michael

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Your favorite new product is . . . Shuteye Chai!

Why we love it:

Our favorite nighttime ritual for seriously amazing sleep – a delicious and deeply nourishing all-natural, caffeine-free and dairy-free sleep latte made from a healing blend of adaptogens, aminos, functional mushrooms, and magnesium, wrapped in a heavenly masala chai-inspired spiced body to help calm you nervous system, nourish your sense, and send you peacefully off to dreamland.

Why you love it:

  • “Wowza! Slept like a baby!” –Ethan
  • “Holy grail of sleep.” –Destiny
  • “Actually shocked at how good this was!” –C.M.
  • “Works wonderfully!” –Renee

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Your favorite topical is . . . Daily Balm!

Why we love it:

USDA certified organic skincare for your whole body – yes please! Gently formulated from the finest ingredients, Daily Balm helps balance, hydrate, nourish, and revitalize even the most sensitive skin. Fresh and woodsy with bright hints of citrus, the gentle scent evokes a sense of calm and wellbeing thanks to a blend of the finest essential oils, intentionally selected for their distinct balancing and grounding properties.

Why you love it:

  • “Very moisturizing and firming.” –Elizabeth
  • “Feels amazing.” –Ewelina
  • “Love the scent.” –Tammy
  • “I love this clean product!” –Brandy

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Natural sleep remedies to calm your mind and promote whole-body relaxation. Enjoy the bliss of a restful night with our best-selling full-spectrum Sleep Blend with hemp extract from Paonia, Colorado and our Mellö Magnesium Superblends.

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