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Let's Take This Outside: How to Move Your Office Outdoors

By Rory Coulter
Let's Take This Outside: How to Move Your Office Outdoors

Once upon a time a little baby was born in a small Wyoming mountain town, population 12. He grew up and went to work in some of the biggest cities in the world. Never quite feeling at home in the concrete jungle, he always sought out little pockets of nature. One day while climbing trees in Central Park, as you do, he got to wondering just what it was about connecting with nature that made him feel so much happier and healthier.

He has devoted over a decade – most of it outdoors – to getting to the bottom of it. One time he spent forty-five consecutive days entirely in nature. Working from mountain tops and river beds across the West, he never felt more creative and productive. Having found the answers he’d been searching for, he co-founded Ned to help others tap into the power of nature to live happier, healthier lives.

Our co-founder Ret mostly runs things from the Nedquarters these days, but he’s still been known to take his work to the mountains. Working outdoors, even just a little, is great for your health, so we asked Ret to share some tips on how to set up an office anywhere.

Ret: I’ve done my best to make the outdoors my office as much as possible over the past several years. This spot is a 15 minute hike from downtown Boulder and feels like a world away. I’ve seen bears, coyotes, dozens of deer and some pretty sweet birds right here, along with some epic sunrises and sunsets. I’ve also done some of my best and most creative work from “offices” like this. The power of nature is REAL and we can tap into it! Mountains / forest / beach / city park – make it your office!

If you’re curious how I can have a functioning office and run a business from outside, this is the gear that keeps me connected, powered, and creating.

1) Camp chair with a shoulder strap

2) Folding camp side table

3) Backpack

4) Water bottle

5) Healthy snacks

6) Portable power station

7) Laptop

8) Smart phone as a wifi hub


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