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Friend of Ned: Jamie Koll

By Rory Coulter
Friend of Ned: Jamie Koll

Meet Jamie Koll – health coach, clean eating + non-toxic living expert, and Friend of Ned! We chat with her about getting diagnosed with a rare genetic disease, taking control of your health, and how CBD has helped.

Ned: How would you describe yourself?

Jamie: Hi! I’m Jamie. I am a full-time content creator (@girlswhoeat) currently based in Boston. I always knew I was meant to help people and now am so grateful that I have the platform to do so. I share how to live a balanced, non-toxic lifestyle and eat clean and in a way that is accessible, approachable, and inclusive. When I am not hustling for my business (because running your own business is no joke!), I love to travel, go thrifting, try new coffee shops and restaurants, and spend time with friends and family.Fun fact about me: I was born in Canada so I have dual citizenship and I have been to over 30 countries!

Ned: Can you tell us more about the work you do?

Jamie: My work is all about making clean eating and non-toxic living accessible and inclusive for everyone everywhere, so people can make the best decisions for their health. I educate my community on ingredients, share the best products to buy in terms of ingredients, price, and taste, and share my knowledge so people can feel empowered to make decisions that can transform their health.

Ned: What led you to this line of work?

Jamie: I spent 5 years trying to figure out why I was so sick. In 2018 at 26, I was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease. Getting this diagnosis took a long time with a lot of misdiagnoses coupled with endless medications that were not working, and a lot of frustration with our medical system. After being diagnosed with a disease that requires lifelong medication, I began to care more about what I put in and on my body. I started educating myself and changing my lifestyle to focus on clean eating and living, and I began to see noticeable changes in my own health. Suddenly, I had more energy, reduced gas and bloating, and no more chronic fatigue. This made me want to share my knowledge with others. In 2019, I got my health coaching certification and in 2021 I started sharing educational content on Instagram and have recently moved into clean living too (and am also on TikTok!).

Ned: What’s the most rewarding aspect of your work?

Jamie: Being able to help people! I receive messages daily from people who were able to reverse health issues, avoid surgery, and go off medication because their blood work results came back normal. This is what drives my work 100%.

Ned: You travel all the time. Any tips for staying on top of your health and wellness rituals while on the go?

Jamie: I always travel with snacks so I can have them on me in case of an emergency or if my blood sugar starts to drop, a really good probiotic, supplements that help with bloating/gas, and my CBD. I also always bring herbal teas with me to have after dinner.

Ned: What’s one thing you wish more people knew about getting fit?

Jamie: Focus on how you feel from the inside out! Ingredients are way more important than calories (unless you need to focus on calories for a certain health reason). Instead, focus on the ingredients, the quality of the ingredients, and how what you are eating or drinking makes you feel. 

Ned: What’s your experience with Ned been like?

Jamie: I love love love Ned. I have high functioning anxiety and typically experience morning anxiety. Ned has made such a difference by helping me to calm my anxiety and to get better and deeper sleep. I also love how Ned has different strengths and different targeted blends with herbs from female US based farmers. I started with the 300mg and recently moved to the 750mg. 

Ned: How do you start your day?

Jamie: My morning routine is very important to me because it sets me up for a productive and successful day. I try to start every morning off my phone. I read for 15 minutes in bed, then do my morning beauty routine. This is when I usually take my Ned Daily Blend and then I make warm water with lemon, my matcha latte or organic coffee, and a breakfast that is packed with healthy fats and protein.

Ned: How do you end your day?

Jamie: I recently got a Hatch to help me have a better night time routine off of my phone. I do my nighttime beauty routine, which includes face oil and gua sha. I take my Ned Daily Blend which helps me have the best night of sleep. Then I drink herbal tea, read in bed for 20 minutes, and fall asleep to a meditation. 

Ned: Who do you follow that really inspires you?

Jamie: I really love following Mark Hyman. He is a leading expert in the functional medicine space and has a really unique approach to health that I fully stand behind. I am currently on my own self-growth and healing journey so I love following Dr. Nicole LePera whose content is all about self-healing and tools to become the best version of yourself.

Ned: What’s something you’re grateful for?

Jamie: I am so grateful for my community for allowing me to have a platform to share what I am passionate about and to be able to wake up every day and truly LOVE what I do. It doesn’t feel like a job at all and I am beyond grateful for that.

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