CBD Hemp Oil for Veterans Josh Jesperson

Former Navy Seal Josh Jesperson Talks CBD for Veterans

Meet Josh Jespersen — former Navy SEAL, veterans’ health advocate, mountain guide, and friend of Ned. After experiencing first-hand the healing power of nature, he started leading fellow veterans on therapeutic trips into the outdoors. Find out more about Josh and how you can get involved in his organization, Veteran’s Outdoor Advocacy Group.

Woman With Horse in Colorado CBD Hemp Oil for Anxiety Explained
CBD Hemp Oil for Anxiety and Stress

Hemp oil for anxiety is a research-backed natural remedy with various benefits. Learn how hemp oil can help with stress and how to use it to alleviate your symptoms.

CBD for Menstrual Cramps Amelia Broughton Profile
CBD for Menstrual Cramps and Pain Relief: Decades of Pain Gone

Meet Amelia — relational facilitator, nature lover, and Nedhead! She shares how her favorite Ned products put an end to a decade of excruciating menstrual pain and changed her life for the better.

CBD Oil for Athletes
CBD for Athletes: Why Professionals are Ditching Pharmaceuticals for Hemp Oil

When we think of professional athletes, we don’t often see normal people. Normal people do normal things. We put our boots on, one at a time. We work office jobs. We’re heroes only to our children, and even then, only until they’re old enough to hate us. We are normal people who live normal lives and do normal things, and we admire athletes the way we do because they do things we never will in ways we never could.

Woman Running in CBD for Muscle Pain
A First-Time Ultra Runner's Intro to CBD for Muscle Pain

I’ve been training to run my first ultra since 2015. No, it’s not an exceptionally long training plan. It’s just that every time I ramp my mileage up to anywhere near 50 miles a week, I’m plagued by injury or chronic pain—debilitating tightness in my IT band, plantar fasciitis, and, last fall, occasional tingling and numbness in my right foot. It’s hard to run 25-plus miles (or even a handful of miles!) when one of your feet keeps falling asleep.