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CBD for Menstrual Cramps and Pain Relief: Decades of Pain Gone

By Rory Coulter
CBD for Menstrual Cramps Amelia Broughton Profile

Profile: Amelia Broughton

Meet Amelia — relational facilitator, nature lover, and Nedhead! She shares how her favorite Ned products put an end to a decade of excruciating pain and changed her life for the better. 

A decade of excruciating pain.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I felt trapped in the bathroom. I had a friend sleeping over and I was mortified to see red-stained underwear for the first time in my life. At first, I went into a slight shock, wondering how on Earth I was going to navigate this new supposed “gift” from Mother Nature. Would I tell my friend? I was only in 7th grade, am I too young or was this the perfect age? So many questions flooded into my mind, but upon sheepishly coming out of the bathroom, I was greeted by my friend with a congratulatory speech about this next phase of my womanhood. 

Fast forward a decade or so and my cramps would become something I’d dread each month. The first day was typically always the worst. I’d be in excruciating pain, bent over in agony, clenching my womb, cursing Aunt Flo for visiting out of supposed nowhere. Having a coded language for my period felt like a normal topic of conversation once a month, anything I could laugh at to ease the discomfort I felt about something I was conditioned to think needed to be secretive. This process of secrecy, being discreet when passing tampons to another woman or vice versa or sidestepping conversations about the intimate details of my body was just normal. It didn’t seem weird to me or like I had another option honestly. 

CBD: A life-altering shift.

Only in the last few years have I started to discover the possibility of celebrating my cycle. And, not just the time when I’m bleeding. Learning about the entire process that my body goes through each month has been incredibly insightful to understand. When NED launched their Balance Blend, I was elated and in awe. A specialized CBD product line with extracts that I’d been taking solely at various times but had never seen in combination in such a brilliant way. The knowledge of this line was Step One of what would soon be a life-altering shift. From excruciating cramps and discomfort came ease and joy, my cramps literally left the metaphorical building. And while being cleared of pain was an obvious win, one of the most unexpected successes was that of a deep sense of love and acceptance of my body like never before. 

Nothing better than feeling good in my body.

Some of you might resonate with a constant need to be different, more this, too much of that, not enough of those things and why can’t I just be get the picture. As I started to incorporate Balance Blend into my life, I noticed layers upon layers of judgment melting off my weighted shoulders. It wasn’t an overnight thing, but a gradual process of more love for myself seeping into my cellular network. As one might imagine, this self-acceptance trickled into all aspects of my life and has profoundly changed the way I hold myself and the confidence I carry with me every day. 

There is truly nothing better than feeling good in my body and living from a place of love and self-acceptance. From sheepish hush-hush to loud and proud, I now happily share about my monthly cycle and value the miraculous things my body is capable of. 

Amelia Broughton is a relational facilitator, consultant, writer, and purveyor of connection, pioneering a more connected, communication-savvy, and emotionally intelligent planet. She has facilitated Authentic Relating and Relational Leadership in a 9-month training named T3 (Train the Trainer), in workshops with companies such as Authentic Revolution and Authentic Relating Training International, around the world in communities such as Unconventional Life and Momentom Collective, and facilitates monthly events at Archipelago Clubs in Denver, CO. Amelia has been featured in mindbodygreen, Conscious Lifestyle Magazine, and Unconventional Life. She aims to make the world a little smaller everywhere she goes. Follow Amelia on Instagram

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