Education | October 10, 2022

How the Experts Wind Down for Bed

By Rory Coulter
How the Experts Wind Down for Bed
Six holistic health leaders share their secrets to getting great sleep.

Kelly Scott

Kelly Scott is a professional paleo chef and cooking instructor based in Orange County, CA.

Kelly’s Bedtime Ritual:

“I start my evening routine around 8pm. I have struggled with sleep my whole life, mostly with falling asleep, but having a consistent nighttime ritual and incorporating Ned Sleep Blend have been game changers.

It starts by putting on my blue blocker glasses early in the evening when the sun sets. I try to stay away from blue lights like my computer and phone after 7 pm. Then I’ll typically wash my face, brush my teeth, and do my skincare routine.

I take my Ned Sleep Blend right after my skincare routine. I take two full droppers each night! I always read at least 20 minutes in bed, or until I get tired and fall asleep. I usually fall asleep by 8:30 pm or 9 at the latest!”

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Ashley Cates

Ashley Cates is a professional health coach focussed on fat loss and healthy hormones.

Ashley’s Bedtime Ritual:

“I used to struggle with sleep, but since I’ve gotten better about a consistent nighttime routine, I fall right asleep. Typically I start my routine around 9PM. I start by washing my face and doing my skincare routine. Then I put on blue light blocking glasses 2 hours before I want to be asleep.

I typically will wind down by watching a show with my fiancé (which is why the blue blocking glasses are important) and I’ll have a small snack like yogurt and berries or dark chocolate.

One hour before I want to be asleep, I'll take Ned Sleep Caps and one sachet of Mellö. I'll also wear a heating pad that wraps on my shoulders/neck/upper back to help me relax for sleep. I typically go to bed around 11pm. I like to wear an eye mask and have a fan running to help with sleep.”

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Kelsey Hojara

Kelsey Hojara is a holistic registered dietician focussed on gut and hormone health.

Kelsey’s Bedtime Ritual:

“I used to struggle with sleep three years ago when I was first starting my business. Since starting a solid stress management and sleep routine, I haven't had any issues!

I typically start my evening routine around 8 or 9pm. The first thing we do in our house is dim the lights and put on blue light blocker glasses. Both of these help lower cortisol levels and increase your body’s natural production of melatonin.

Then I start my self care routine. This involves brushing my teeth, washing my face, putting on my PJs, and taking my night time supplements (De-Stress Blend & Mellö). I do this before I get into more "relaxing" tasks so I actually get it done.

My husband and I enjoy watching TV together. We'll usually put on a show together and stretch for 20-30 minutes. Depending on the day, I might go into bed early to read a chapter of my book or just lay straight down for bed.”

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Trish Barillas

Trish Barillas is a life coach specializing in anxiety, mental health advocate, author and Friend of Ned.

Trish’s Bedtime Ritual:

I have always struggled with sleep since I'm an anxious person. I typically start prep for bed around 10pm. I clean my face then use a facial spray with aloe, herbs and rosewater. Next, I take half a dropper of my Ned Sleep Blend to ensure a good night’s rest. Next, I play one of the nature sounds from my Insight Timer App to have something to focus on. I rub an organic soothing balm like Ned Daily Balm on my wrists and under my nose. I then read for a short period of time with a book light as that is a better glow for the eyes to adjust to. It takes about 20min for my body to settle, and for my doggo to get in his comfy spot next to me. I am generally asleep by 11pm.

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Lindsay O’Reilly

Lindsay’s Bedtime Ritual:

I don't struggle with sleep, but I have in the past. I usually start getting ready for bed around 8:30-9:00 pm. I usually start with my night time supplements – Mellö Magnesium and Ned Sleep Blend. My skin care regimen comes next. I use a cleanser, toner, serum and night time moisturizer. Once or twice a week I do a charcoal facemask. Then, dental care.

A few times a week I try to get in 30-60 minutes of oil pulling with a castor oil pack. I'll do that while I read or watch a show with my husband (with blue light blockers). Lights are typically out by 10:00pm.

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Erica Kislyanka

Erica is a registered dietician specializing in hormone, gut and thyroid health.

Erica’s Bedtime Ritual:

I’m a mom of two and a business owner. This means the way my day unfolded can heavily impact my night and sleep, but I aim to start getting ready for bed at 10pm.

After a long day of loving on and caring for my family and clients, my evening routine is all self-care. I start my evening routine by making myself a cup of tea. Next, I take my evening supplements with my tea. This helps me with sleep, relaxation, stress-management, and starting the next day nourished and at 100%. This usually includes Ned Daily Blend, desiccated liver, a high quality probiotic, and some magnesium oil on my hands and legs.

Next I focus on my skincare routine. The older I get, the more I invest into my skin care products and the routine itself. It has become a therapeutic outlet for me, all-the-while transforming my skin!

Last, I floss, brush my teeth, do some coconut pulling, get changed, and climb into bed. Before falling asleep I like to say a prayer and reflect on my day, allowing myself to feel gratitude for all my loved ones and all the opportunities the day has presented. This allows me to lower my cortisol levels and sleep more peacefully. I aim to be asleep by 11pm.

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