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Colorado Hemp Oil Is The Best - Here's Why

By Adriaan Zimmerman
Colorado Hemp Oil

Colorado hemp oil has long been the industry standard for quality, sustainability, and testing. Due to its early cannabis legalization, Colorado established clear industry guidelines and consumer protections giving farmers and manufacturers ample time to perfect their craft.

No Short Cuts

Ned’s commitment to making the best Full Spectrum CBD oil means “No Short-Cuts”. We live, work, and play in Colorado because we love its natural beauty, fresh air, clean water and 300+ days of sunshine a year. What’s good for us is also good for our hemp plants and your CBD oil.

Why Single Source Colorado Hemp is Best

We know how and where our plants are grown and when they’re harvested because it’s all done by Farmer Jonathan on his farm in Paonia, Colorado. (We want you to know, too, so we’ve put the GPS coordinates on every bottle.) Buying from a single source was a critical decision for Ned to maintain full transparency and thorough supervision every step of the way.

Colorado Hemp Oil with CBD

Colorado Requires Testing of Hemp

Colorado is one of only four states in the U.S. to currently require lab testing for potency of hemp extracts. (Alaska, Oregon, and Washington are the other three.) Ned goes beyond these requirements and also tests for contaminants and heavy metals. To boot, Colorado is known for its optimal sunshine and the quality of its mountain streams and clean mountain air. This equals superior hemp, the basis of our CBD oil.

Colorado Hemp Oil Lab Analysis Certificate

Why Colorado Hemp Is Better

In addition to single source production and rigorous testing, we’ve added a further layer of protection by being based in Colorado which was one of the first states to legalize recreational cannabis in 2012. It’s five years ahead of the curve when it comes to cannabis production, working with and supporting hemp growers, creating a certified hemp seed program and comprehensive state guidelines for the industry.

Colorado Hemp Oil Extracts

Why It Matters Where Your Hemp Oil Comes From

These are the reasons Ned is based in Boulder, Colorado and it’s why our hemp is grown only a few hours away. Colorado is a world leader in hemp production. We’re close to the source, monitoring and overseeing production every step of the way. It matters where your CBD oil comes from because you want the best products for your health. Order a bottle and relax knowing you’ve just found the finest CBD oil on the market.

Farming Colorado Hemp

Colorado Hemp Farm

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