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Cooking with CBD: CBD Truffle Recipe from Chef Beth

By Rory Coulter
CBD Recipe from Chef Beth

Superfood CBD Truffles

Meet Chef Beth — certified holistic health practitioner, culinary director of Nurture, and Nedhead! We sit down with her to get pro tips on cooking with CBD and convince her to share her famous Superfood CBD Truffle recipe. (Spoiler alert: They’re out of this world!)

Ned: Can you tell us a little about yourself? 

Beth: I grew up in upstate New York. I lived in the city for 10 years and then moved to Los Angeles, where I became certified in Holistic Health. When my clients started asking me to make the meals I was suggesting, I began training with a dear friend who is a classically trained professional chef. She ran a private plant-based, celebrity catering service out of her garden, so I got to work with fresh produce and products. Many events, adventures, mind-blowing moments, and rock bottoms have happened over my life, all of which ultimately led to me move to Denver to get a degree in Nutritional Science. I was incredibly fortunate to be introduced to one of the founders of Nurture, a new wellness market. Nurture hosts over 60 different local vendors, ranging from organic salons, to therapy in both western and eastern practices, three fitness studios, an event space and a full bar and restaurant. I immediately jumped at the chance to be their culinary director. Part of my work is sourcing the highest quality products to serve to the people coming into Nurture. I met Adriaan and was blown away by his knowledge and clean practices that go into Ned. I tried the CBD and loved the flavor and the calm I experienced. I HAD to have this as a part of Nurtures offerings... and my life.

Ned: When did you start cooking with CBD?

Beth: I had tried other products with CBD and didn’t like the hemp flavor. I was inspired to start using CBD in my cooking when I tried Ned. The flavor was like tea to me, so clean and a bit herbal, without the typical “weed”flavor. I make sure this flavor comes through in the truffle, as it gives it a “je ne sais quoi “effect.

Ned: What sorts of things do you make with CBD? 

Beth: Right now the truffles are my main focus, working with chocolate for the home is easy and fun, which is what this recipe can be. But there are multiple factors that go into perfecting chocolate making. I have the good fortune of being able to pick the brain of a master chocolatier here in Denver, in order to create the plant based CBD truffles that will be a part of the offerings at Nurture.

Ned: What's your favorite CBD to cook with? 

Beth: I only use Ned and this is not a plug. I really haven’t tasted another CBD product that has its own beautiful flavor, while simultaneously complementing the truffles and their various superfood toppings. I also care about where the product comes from, how it is grown and processed, and Ned checks all those boxes.

Ned: Do you have any tips for beginners?

Beth: Drink a bottle of Ned before cooking. Kidding. I suggest making a few non CBD truffles so you get practice before wasting the CBD. Add less CBD than you think when you start to get the flavor to where you want it. You can always add more but you can’t take out. The CBD can’t reach a temperature of 320 degrees or its molecular structure will change, so be careful what you are baking it with and what method. Make sure to get dark, good quality chocolate to get the health benefits cacao can provide. Do not put your chocolate in the fridge or expose it to water, it will become white and/or will mold. Keep them at a temperature of around 65/69 degrees.

Ned: Can you share one of your favourite recipes? 

Beth: With Ned’s CBD flavor profile in mind, I developed a CBD chocolate truffle bar to be part of the offerings of the Cafe at Nurture. The truffles will have rotating superfood toppings like goji berries, hemp, bee pollen, lavender, wild blueberry, cacao, etc. The polyphenols, antioxidants, and natural “feel good” stimulants of the chocolate and medicinal values of the toppings, combined with the calming and balancing effects of the CBD is a powerful mouthful of delicious nutritiousness!

Cooking with CBD Chocolate Truffle Recipe

Chef Beth's Superfood CBD Truffles Recipe:


● 16.5 oz 70% or higher dark chocolate chips

● 13 oz full fat coconut cream

● 1/2 tsp vanilla

● .75 or 1 oz Ned CBD

● 15-20 oz dark chocolate chips for the dipping coat.

● Assortment of toppings: cacao nibs, dried wild blueberries, dried strawberries, chopped goji berries, bee pollen, salt flakes, hemp seeds, chopped nuts, sprinkles,


1. Gather all ingredients and equipment: measuring cups and utensils, a pot or double boiler, a glass bowl that can fit on the pot, whisk, spatula, melon baller or piping bag, chocolate dipper (optional) and baking dishes or tray, parchment paper.

2. In a pot, bring coconut milk to a boil, and slowly pour it over the 16.5 oz’s of dark chocolate in a glass bowl. Let this sit for 30 seconds then start to slowly whisk the melting chocolate into the cream.

3. You may need to switch to the spatula to make sure all lumps are smooth. Add the vanilla, salt, and CBD.

4. Spread the chocolate out over a shallow baking dish or tray to cool evenly till it starts to firm into a ganache, 10-15 minutes.

5. Either scoop the ganache into a piping bag and pipe into small balls, or scoop individual balls with a melon baller. For best results, let the balls sit for a day as chocolate shrinks, but you can always move immediately on to the next step.

6. In a double boiler or with a glass bowl over a pot with barely simmering water, melt the 20 oz of chocolate.

7. Roll the scoops or pipes of chocolate ganache into balls.

8. With the chocolate dipper or your hands (keep one hand for picking the balls up and sprinkling the toppings,the other for rolling in the melted chocolate) dip and fully cover each ball with the melted chocolate and place on a parchment lined tray. Immediately sprinkle the topping of choice onto each ball as you go.

9. After the coating has set, store at room temperature in a container, preferable away from light.

10. Enjoy!

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