CBD Recipe from Chef Beth
Cooking with CBD: CBD Truffle Recipe from Chef Beth

If you have a soft spot for sweets (who doesn’t?), these Superfood CBD Truffles might just be the yummiest (and healthiest!) thing you’ll eat this holiday season.

What Is HYGGE Cozy Pug Ned CBD Products
Fighting the Winter Blues with HYGGE

SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is no laughing matter. The disorder brings with it such symptoms as lethargy, hypersomnia (an excessive need for sleep), overeating and weight gain. In this article, we look to Danish and Norwegian cultures to see how they cope with the dark winter season. With a holistic focus on self-love, Hygge offers a behavioral and philosophical approach for keeping oneself happy, healthy and connected during long Winters. Instead of relying on time spent outdoors—36% of Danes bike to work everyday—Hygge asks us to create a warm and inviting home environment and focus on small, intentional acts of self-care.