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Thus product is awesome!!! Slept well and woke up focused and alert.

Mellö Magnesium
Peter Nagle
Great Product

I feel very confident taking the magnesium with my calcium.

Knots be gone

The balm works so well to melt the knots away in my neck and upper back. The plus side, I swear I even sleep better after application.

Actually Works

This is the first cbd oil that works and helps me with keeping calm if I’m anxious.

Mellö Magnesium
Daniel Damm

Mellö Magnesium

Ned pain balm

Good product. Helped with my aches. Quick delivery.

Just Right

This water bottle is a perfect size. Fits easily in my bag. Great quality too!

Sleep Blend Sample
Gary Morgunov
Great product!

Really great product!!

Great product!!

Really Great product!!

Tastes good

The Shuteye Chai tastes good, but it's stronger than other Chai blends. I seems to settle in the cup, so I stir/shake each drink I take. I started mixing it hot but it didn't seem to blend very well. Now I do it in a shaker with cold milk. I'm not sure how much it helps me sleep but it's a comforting, quieting treat before bed.

My new favorite Mg supplement

I have tried other Mg supplements in the past, with somewhat good results. After trying this Mello product, I have had much more restful sleep. According to my sleep tracker, I am consistently getting more REM and Deep sleep This product does not make me feel groggy. I wake up feeling refreshed! This will be a permanent addition to my sleep routine from now on.

Sleep Capsules
Valerie Johnstone
Love it

Leaves me feeling well rested, never groggy.
However, please stop sending stickers to monthly subscribers. It’s very wasteful to send an unwanted plastic sticker every month.

The Dream Set

It definitely enhanced our quality of sleep

The Dream Set
Caitlyn Donald

Sadly neither product helped me sleep through the night but I still love the products. It’s not you it’s me

Great Products!

The immunity blend is definitely one of my favorite products from NED!

Relief Balm
Elizabeth Maltby
Relief Balm

I have arthritis in both my shoulders and Relief Balm helps with that pain.

4 plus years and counting

Been using Neds Daily Blend for over 4 years, there is no reason to look elsewhere as a North Star member I just let the shipments arrive!

De-Stress Blend
Bethany Deschamps
Amazing product

I really enjoy using this formula along with the daily blend to help balance my nervous system and feel more relaxed. I have been using it daily for almost a month and have seen so much improvement in my anxiety and an enhanced sense of calm and peace. Thank you Ned and please keep the great products coming!

Brain Blend
Definitely a repeat buy!

I ordered this mostly for my husband who still suffers the effects of many concussions from his college football days. He’s now in grad school and was really struggling with brain fog and memory. He takes this every day and while I wouldn’t say it’s a miracle fix-all, it definitely seems to help him feel more like his pre-brain-injury self and stay focused so he can study. We’ve reordered several times and have no plans to stop!

Lavenderberry tastes delish!

I haven't noticed any specific calming benefits with the Mello Magnesium but it tastes great and I'm sure it's doing some good internally. I love how it fizzles when you add water and is truly a delicious flavor.

Tasty and mellow

The taste is great and the electric whisk works well, but you still have to drink it quickly or you get a lot of sediment. It has a lovely mellowing effect which is a perfect addition to an evening wind down. It won’t knock you out or leave you feeling out of it the next day.

Mellö Magnesium
Karissa Holybee
Great customer service!

I hadn’t received my package and contacted customer service. They were very kind and professional and resolved the issue, expediting the shipping for me and emailed me back right away. I am very happy. :)

Fantastic customer service!!!!

The Dream Set
Herman Magana
Amazing Customer Service

Product wasn’t delivered and they sent out a replacement right away without hesitation. They also followed up to ensure it was received, thank you so much!