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Love it!

Really great product.

Early results!

I’ve been using this product for the past two months and my last period was definitely less painful. Excited to see even better results during the next months.

Great product!

Highly recommend Ned Hemp Oil! I've never had a better product to help quell inflammation and anxiety. Definitely have recommended to a lot of friends and family too!

Best sleep every!

I got the CBD for pain, but the biggest effect I have noticed is sleep!!! I fall alseep quickly and I never used to do that! I also sleep through the night almost every night. I take a dropper full of 1500 before bed. For me it is worth it for sure!

Part of my night routine

I've incorporated the Mello into the start of my night routine and it helps calm me down after a busy day and winding down into a more restful sleep

Sleeping like a baby

Ned mello is fantastic! I now sleep through the night since I started taking it. I wake rested & ready to start my day. The flavor is great too!
Thanks Nec

I love my new magnesium powder!

I have been using this for two weeks now and love it! It has a subtle flavor to cover the magnesium taste (which I am not a fan of), but is by no means overwhelmingly sweet like some other supplements. The powder dissolves quickly and easily and it doesn't leave a grainy texture in the water. I usually take magnesium capsules, but I like this a lot more. Most importantly: I feel like I have been sleeping better since taking it! I will definitely be buying another box when this one finishes. I do wish that it came in non-single-use packaging, like a glass jar or something where you can scoop out the right amount. It seems wasteful to keep buying these individually packed ones when I just use it at home. Overall, highly recommend!


Amazing product. I definitely feel the benefits of this product and it taste delicious.


You nailed it! Customer service was phenomenal and so was the product. Really like the sample products you include with my monthly subscription order. I’m definitely a fan of the products I’ve tried.

Really helps!

It has been really hard to relax lately with everything going on. Ned has really helped my husband and I get some much needed rest :) Thank you!

Ned Sleep Blend is life changing.

Seriously, this stuff has changed my nights forever for the better. I wake up significantly less, fall asleep quicker, and feel more rested every morning. Could not recommend more. I gave some to my mom for Christmas as well and she says it works like nothing has ever worked for her before - helps with her achey back as well.

Finally getting better deep sleep!

Was having trouble getting deep sleep. I have been using the Sleep Blend for the past 2 weeks. Last night, according to my Fitbit watch, my deep sleep was almost 2 hours. I have been waking up refreshed and well rested each morning. I could not be more happier!


I got some sample packets of the Mello after I quickly fell in love with the Ned Sleep blend. I used it in a pretty similar way - about an hour before bedtime. It is INCREDIBLY effective and has zero groggy effects or sedative-like effects. Just very good deep sleep with no random wake-ups that I used to have every night. My plan is to utilize this as well as the sleep blend in an alternating kind of way so that I don't acclimate too much to either one. It really is a matter of improved quality of life, so it's absolutely worth the investment.

Great service and a fine product

I like the eco-friendly packaging, and the quick delivery. The sleep blend works quite well for me, especially in getting me to sleep. The cost is high, but for now, I'd rather have something I know works than experiment. This does work for me.

Good Product

Helps with restful sleep, but I have to use in conjunction with melatonin for the best results. I would say the Beam Dream product is better than this, in my experience.

Great Product

I’ve been on the full spectrum hemp oil for almost two months. 50ml twice per day. Improvements in anxiety, inflammation, sleep and overall mood. When I first started, I noticed a slight drowsiness mellow effect after dose. I notice that less now. I think those that are looking for instant relief possibly might not find what they need, depending on the circumstances. But for me I really noticed my overall improvements subtly after a couple of weeks. I plan to continue to use long term


I have had some serious medical things happen in the past year and my sleep is terrible. I heard about this product on mindpump podcast and it is amazing ! It has helped so much.

Best CBD Product I have tried

Previously I have tried at least 4 different cbd products from various companies, but now I found something that works. I have also tried different dosages making my way to 900mg which seemed perfect, until I got Ned 300mg hemp oil which had the same effect but didn't end as quickly.


I’m on my second bottle of the hormone balance blend and have really found it effective at reducing PMS symptoms, specifically moodiness the week before—more tolerant. That is a win!

Love it all!

I’ve had sleep, full spectrum hemp oil, and mellow. I love them all! I have to credit Mindpump for turning me on to you guys!

Hormone Balance Blend Oil

Seems to be a sleep miracle

I've been waking up at least once per night for over year. I've tried several other ways to help keep my brain sleeping. I have only been using Sleep for just over a week, but I can tell a difference. I couple this with the Mello right before bed. I'm out with barely any idea of waking at all. I'm getting solid sleep every night since I started. I have already recommended it to two of my coworkers dealing with the same issue. When this bottle is gone, it will be on subscribe for sure.

This stuff is the best!

I've been taking Ned CBD consistently since September and am finding that it really helps with my anxious mind, especially when it comes to sleeping at night. I take a small dose in the morning and a little bit larger one about one hour before bed.

Sleep Blend

Mello Lavedar

I love this stuff! I’ve taken magnesium citrate for a long time, but decided to give Mello a try! I’ve been sleeping so well, I don’t even take my melatonin anymore!!!