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Daily Blend
Joshua Hoffert
My Go-To

I love Ned's Daily Blend! It's my go-to for dealing with anxiety and getting a good night of sleep. I drop this into lavender tea when I need a little extra chill, too.


Anything that will help a 66 year old with some brain food is always a plus for me! Count me in!!

De-Stress Blend
Ally O'Malley
Love this product

It is my favorite cbd I’ve tried! It has the best flavor and definitely helps keep me calm

De-Stress Blend
Nicole DeHart



NED Daily Blend is an awesome overall wellness blend. It smoothes out and balances the nervous system. Sleep is excellent with NED daily; take your dose prior to winding down from the day; it prepares you for deep sleep and longer sleep. Highly recommend NED Hemp Oil Products!


This is one of my favorite chap sticks! I purchased peppermint, naked, and cardamom this time. I love how much moisturizing they are without being overpowering.

Love hello mello

Since my husband and I started taking hello mellow, we have been sleeping better and waking up feeling rested and having more energy. Fantastic product. Love love love it.

Brain Blend Sample
Eileen Gutmann
Amazing product!

Ned has been absolutely wonderful for me!!

Love my mello

Great taste and is a great aid for sleeping and muscle relaxation.

Brain Blend Sample
Cheryl Romero
Sharp & Clear

Brain Blend helped me on a Monday morning when my boss was returning to town to keep me sharp & focused after a busy weekend.

This relief balm is the real deal...!

I honestly was hesitant to purchase this because of the price point and because I've tried numerous
"CBD" oil creams with little results. This magical cream is great. To start off, the blend is super moisturizing on the skin; the scent is great and more importantly it works to minimize aches and pains. There's a pleasant cooling sensation when you apply it that lasts a bit of time, but the best part is the achy back, hip are gone. I think it works synergistically with the CBD oil and it does a great job. A little also goes a long way. I can't imagine having to buy this very often....unless we get carried away with using it because it's so good. :)

Daily Capsules
Alexandra Gosselin

High quality product! Will be buying more :)

Hemp Infused Lip Balm
Sharon Leader
The best lip balm

Our daughter introduced the lip balm to us. Love it! The only one I use. Great for gifts or just to share.

Mellö Magnesium
Jessica Ybarra
Very impressed

I’ve been very impressed with the changes I feel in my body from taking this supplement consistently for a month. I find it most beneficial for me to take it at nighttime. The lemon flavor is my favorite!

Sleep Blend
Emily Finnell
Love this!

I tell everyone about Ned sleep blend! It works so well!

Brain Blend Sample
Cameron Johnston
Really liked it!

Enjoyed trying it. Would probably order it.

Mellö Magnesium
Maxi Mueller
Highest quality supplement

I started taking mellö to manage my migraine and after almost five months taking it daily, I am happy to report that my symptoms have improved greatly!

Brain Blend Sample
Judy Edwards
I Am Thankful I Got This Ned Product

At first I wasn’t sure what this product was. I was sent some tiny bottles to try as I have some long term Covid symtoms. Short term memory problems & shortness of breath. I picked it up in the afternoon yesterday & took my first dose. Then, this morning, took another. It’s probably a little early to be submitting a reference, but had to and will do another later if how good I feel this morning continues. I was a little surprised and wondered if it just was my wanting it so much. Will learn with time. I do feel better than I have been feeling in getting up. I will continue this if that feeling continues. But, the bigger reason I’m doing this so fast is the phenomenal customer care that NED provides. This is a wonderful business that is so sincere, helpful, and keeps coming up with expertise herbalists and their own staff to get more products. I’m on a fixed income and was really amazed and thrilled that I could try it and see if it can help me. Thank you Hannah & Victoria for the help you gave me in understanding that this was a tincture like my sleep medicine that helps me immensely. I sure appreciate. Will give a better report as time goes on. Thank you very much.

Hallelujah for Hormonal Help

Everything you need to help balance your hormones - from PMS to Menopause - all in one simple bottle!

Game changer

I love supplements but they tend to hate me. Seems nearly everything I try ends up having a negative effect on me. I purchased Mello for my wife in hopes that it would help with her poor sleep and stress. It, combined with the ned CBD, have had a significant, positive impact on those issues. Reluctantly, I decided to give Mello a try, mostly expecting gut issues or muscle cramping, etc like I get from most supplements. Thankfully, none of that happened. What did was an immediate, although slight, positive impact on my sleep. This has only gotten better after a couple months of use. Also, I've noticed increase in strength in the gym, less muscle soreness and lean mass has began increasing again. Obviously, I was deficient in magnesium without realizing but, wow, what a positive impact it's had on me.

Brain Blend Sample
Samantha Roberts

Didn’t really notice anything new. Would probably need more than they offer for a sample! I do love all my NED though!


I could truly feel this - gave me energy and focus


Just as good as every product from Ned!

Quality Product!

So far, the Brain Blend seems to brings things to the surface with clarity and focus.

Ned is Superior!

Why do I know they are, because I tried a bunch. Ned's oils are far superior to others in taste, effect and consistency.
You can't go wrong with them.