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Glass Travel Bottle
Stephanie Jean
Very cute glass travel bottle!

I love the look of the travel bottle. It is a great on-the-go water bottle.

Great Butter

Love it!!
I work at a Nursery and walk about 20,000 steps a day. When I go to bed I rub my feet ,ankles, and knees with body butter the next morning we are ready for another 20,000 steps

Mellö Magnesium
William Smart
Taste’s great and good for you as well!

This Mello is on the mark! It can’t taste this good and not be good for you!

Best bottle ever

This bottle is so amazing. I use it everyday. And my bf, a notorious bottle stealer, is not allowed to even look at it. NAY, touch it or think about it. I have to switch up where it is in my fridge daily so he can’t get my precious bottle. The game is afoot, but I will be victorious. 10/10 you need this bottle.

De-Stress Blend
Starting off..

I have been taking the hormone blend to help with my moods, but wanted to supplement with the de-stress oil as well.
I have just started taking it, but have noticed I am getting thru the day a bit more relaxed. I am doing my best to go plants before pills, so I am grateful for these quality products that can offer this option.

Love it!

I love to drink this after work. It helps me to mello after a stressful day!

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil
Shasta Thomas

All of the Ned products that I have tried are absolutely amazing! It’s so nice to get a product that really works!!!! And your customer service is beyond exceptional. I have never worked with a company like this before. It just does not exist anymore. You guys really make a person feel special!!!!

Mellö Magnesium
Teri Lind
Amazing product

Started taking lavenderberry Mello a week ago,I sleep like a baby w it ! I recommend talking 1hr before bed..enjoy your zzz;)

So cute!!!

Love the bottle, the cute swivel lid is really handy!

Hemp Infused Lip Balm
Rose Hoffmann
Lip balm. Sooo nice!a

I love this lip balm because it’s so smooth and creamy and healing.

Sleep Blend
Alyson Burks

I couldn’t sleep before and now sleep like a baby!

Mello Magnesium

I have trouble sleeping and As a result of taking Mello I sleep so peaceful. Upon waking no grogginess and I feel engerized for day ! Thanks Ned 🙌🏻

I am impressed.

Perfect size for purse

Sturdy and classy and the perfect size to slip into my purse with no worries about crushing or leaking. Easy to clean, too!

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil
Kamilla Santana
Love Neds

Started taking this for join and body like a charm. Thank you ❤️

Ned Glass Trave Bottle

The bottle is great I really like using it. Perfect size for anything.

Company is great! Customer service is great! Just have not found a product that works for me yet.

Sleep Blend
Christine Von Robke
Definitely works

Trying the sleep blend and so far so good. Your customer service is excellent and very helpful.

Who needs another water bottle?!

I definitely did not and then I received this water bottle and it is pretty great. It is a smaller size than most of my water bottles, it has a wide mouth and I just find it fills a perfect niche in my water bottle needs. It can fit in a purse and is just highly useful. It is also very pretty and the lid is super cool with a loop to carry it with. I love this water bottle and truly appreciate the gift as a North Star Member. Thank you, Ned! You always seem to know just what I need.

Very Effective!

The calm this blend brings is amazing….. allows you to tackle your day with calmness, yet function at a great level.

Love the Sleeping products!

Hmmm...Good, but need more to compare

Hmmmm...I like it...

But I think I need more samples to know how I feel about it vs the regular Hemp blend and vs Sleep.

Can I get more samples to do a head to head? ;)

Hormone Balance Blend Oil
Linsey Aguigam-Leach
Amazing product

I have noticed a definite decrease in my moodiness around my period. Which I’m sure everyone around me appreciates!

I think I need to try full bottle to give best opinion

I’ve tried this twice, first time dosing too small, the next time using correct dosage. It wasn’t as noticeable as sleep or Mello but I think we’ll worth me purchasing a full bottle to try!


Loved every single thing I’ve tried. Mello. Sleep. & de stress