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Sleep Blend

The Sleep Blend is dope ! I combine it with blue light blockers at night.
**Side note, customer service is top of the line too, so thank y’all**

Yummy Healthy Products

It’s nice to be able to use a product that has multiple benefits and is all natural.

Amazing product!

Loving the product so far!

I purchased the Ned 750 mg full spectrum hemp oil and have really been enjoying the anti anxiety and apparent nootropic effects. I will definitely continue utilizing this product to see what other benefits may begin to arise.

Balance blessed

Only been taking for a little while but am feeling very blessed so far to have found your product. I'm excited and hopeful from the benefits I've already noticed. An added unexpected bonus, my sleep had been amazing!

Love this stuff, I sleep like a baby!

Head Tremor Help

I have had essential head tremors for several years due to autoimmune condition and this Full Spectrum 1500 helps me more than any other I've tried. I have tried about 20 different CBD oils. Thank you so much.

Works as Advertised!

This was immediately effective and noticeably helpful in my sleep. About an hour before my targeted bedtime, I take this and I feel my brain and body gradually and comfortably settle down. I sleep really well with very few wake-ups, and I am not groggy in the morning. NOTHING has been this effective, and I've tried a number of things.

Love it!

I ordered the Hormone Balance Blend, as well as the Sleep and Mello samples. I love all of the products! Great quality and fast shipping. I’m sleeping better and I feel like my mood is more balance. I will definitely be back!

Love this stuff!

Great relaxation support and helping me fall asleep ever so easily!

Great taste and really relaxed me!

I drank this at night before bed and had the best sleep ever!! I normally have a hard time turning my brain off at night but the supplement really helped me❤️

Invigorating scent

Love the roll on application. I keep a bottle at my desk and the scent is a nice mid day pick me up. I’ve received lots of compliments on the fragrance.

Love 💕 this product

Love this stuff!

I take this an hour before bed and it really helps me relax and wind down. It also helps me stay asleep. I can definitely notice a difference in my mood and it definitely helps me mellow out.

Such a Blessing

This product has made a remarkable difference in my daily routine and my sleep has noticeably improved.

Just what I needed!

The naked variety is perfect, no weird after taste. I've gotten some of the most peaceful and relaxing sleep. Plus, I know my body is getting magnesium which is very important for our body to be in homeostasis! Thank you Ned!

Ned's Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. Month 2

Second month of using the Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, it took about 5 days for me to see relief for my hip bursitis. I have been able to stop taking Arthritis Strength Tylenol 2 X daily and have not needed a cortisone shot since the end of November, previously I needed one every 6 weeks for relief from the bursitis pain.

Nothing works better!

My husband and I both use the sleep blend every night. It works better than anything else we've tried!


I love Ned sleep cbd soo much! I have taken other forms of CBD and nothing has kept me asleep throughout the night as much as Ned as. I think it’s the CBN which Ned contains along with the other ingredients like melatonin/etc. I will definitely be using this nightly!

Love the products.

The CBD oil has helped tremendously since I can’t take OTC pain meds.

The ultimate sleep ritual

From start to finish, my experience with Ned has been so special. I was having so much trouble sleeping and getting desperate - I wasn't sure if CBD would help, but I was willing to try.

I signed up for my complimentary call with Ned's holistic wellness coach, and she was so helpful. She opened my eyes to some of the reasons I may have been having trouble sleeping that I hadn't considered before. She was also very clear that Ned could help support my sleep, but not to expect it to be a magic cure. With her guidance, I started adding in evening yoga, daily meditation, and dedicated walks outside to help with my stress levels in addition to Ned.

Once my sleep blend arrived, the box was beautiful - quality CBD isn't cheap, but opening up the package, I was greeted with a little note introducing me to the product. It made it feel worth it.

Fast forward a few weeks of consistently taking Ned each night, and I've been sleeping better than I have in about a year. I still occasionally wake up during the night, but I'm able to fall back asleep, and I wake up feeling like I slept so deeply. The experience makes me excited to expand my subscription - perhaps to mello or the hormone blend?

I can't say enough about this brand - I was skeptical to spend about $70 per month, but now it feels like the best money I've spent in a while.

If you're on the fence, do it!!


I’ve been using CBD on/off for years, and while I’ve noticed a positive difference in inflammation levels, I’ve not found it to be noticeably effective in helping me sleep. And then I met Ned.

I’ve had insomnia for decades. Some nights are better/worse than others, but rarely a night goes by that I don’t struggle at least a little.

While I still almost always wake up around 3am, since I started taking Ned’s Sleep Blend, falling asleep is a whole lot easier. And when I wake up, I usually fall back asleep without too much trouble.

It hasn’t cured my insomnia, but there’s been a noticeable improvement. And for that, I am noticeably grateful.

Great quality product!

As soon as I opened the product, I knew it was good quality from the intense smell of cannabis. Within a week, I was experiencing increased feelings of calm and overall peace. I would highly recommend giving this product a try.

Immediate relief!

I’ve been using the Ned full spectrum hemp oil for almost a month now and I am more than satisfied with its relaxation and anti-anxiety benefits! First time I took it I felt relief almost immediately (within a minute or two). It’s now become a daily/nightly ritual to help me when my stress levels get too high and also at night to help relax my mind before bed. I’ve had trouble sleeping the past year and this has definitely improved my ability to fall sleep and stay asleep. I love Ned!


Works great