Natural sleep remedies to calm your mind and promote whole-body relaxation. Enjoy the bliss of a restful night with our best-selling full-spectrum Sleep Blend with hemp extract from Paonia, Colorado and our Mellö Magnesium Superblends.

Sleep FAQs

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What is the safest and most natural sleep aid?

Both magnesium and hemp oil are considered to be among the safest natural sleep aids. Both are made using natural ingredients that are known for their powerful relaxation and sleep-inducing effects and you’re likely to experience very few negative side effects if any at all.

How does Full Spectrum Hemp Oil help with sleep?

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil can help you to relax and has sedative effects when it is taken in medium to high doses. CBD interacts with your body’s endocannabinoid system which controls important neurobiological functions, such as the sleep-wake cycle. It can help to reduce symptoms of insomnia and the other botanical ingredients it contains encourages your body to fall into a deep, undisturbed sleep.

Natural Sleep Remedies

Hemp Oil for Sleep

Research shows that full spectrum hemp oil has been found to lead to sedation or sleepiness in higher doses and wakefulness in lower doses. Sleep Blend melds the perfect mix of different types of hemp and natural botanicals for a deep night's sleep.

Magnesium for Sleep

Research shows that our cells need magnesium in order for our bodies and minds to fall asleep, achieve deep sleep, and stay asleep throughout the night. Cells also need magnesium to perform deep sleep healing processes such as DNA repair, cell cleanup, finding and killing off bad cells, as well as other restorative immune functions.