NED understands the potent healing to be found in the natural world and honors and celebrates that goodness by carefully handcrafting small batch, CBD oil products.

CBD oil. Unless you live entirely off the grid, you’ve heard of it on the news, over the internet, or from a friend or family member. CBD is the acronym for cannabidiol, one of the many—104 to be exact—chemical compounds or elements found inCannibas Sativa. It’s thought to be one of the oldest cultivated plants dating back, in written records, to at least 6,000 BC. In a Chinese encyclopedia on agriculture and medicine dated from 2900 B.C., cannabis was used to treat pain and a variety of other ailments. Two thousand years later in 1,000 B.C., there is clear evidence of cannabis being used in India for its analgesic, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties. Cannabis use, as a medicine, appears to have been slow on the uptake in the West but by the late 1800s, over 100 publications discussing the medicinal aspects of cannabis were published in Europe and the U.S.

Confusion is common when it comes to talking about CBD because of its “cousin”, THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, the active ingredient in marijuana. THC is another one of the chemical compounds found inCannibas Sativa. Recent discoveries show that humans have cannabinoid receptors throughout their body. These are molecular sites with which THC and CBD can bind but the two compounds produce very different effects in the body. THC can create potent psychoactive effects, the “marijuana high”, that recreational users seek. CBD, on the other hand, has only .03% active THC and has no known psychoactive effects.

Humans clearly have a very long and interesting relationship with cannabis as our bodies also produce their own cannabanoids—called endocannabanoids—like anandamide. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is currently a hot topic of research because of the part it may play in our immune system, pain regulation, sleep and appetite. One study, in 2006, documented effectiveness of Sativex, a cannabis-based medicine (CBM), on the pain experienced by people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. Two other studies from 2007 and 2017 show that CBDs may be effective in reducing chronic inflammation and pain in rats as well as decreased pain due to incisions. Many other studies have been done and are currently being done to determine the effectiveness of CBD oil for many conditions.

Given this long history and the recent legalization of hemp and marijuana in Colorado and the subsequent outpouring of products in the market, we’ve come to realize that not all CBD oils are

created equal. They range across the spectrum in terms of both cannabadiol concentration and quality. While it’s an exciting time to be involved in this nascent industry, we remain committed to our original mission:To help people feel better and live better through simple means and a deep connection to the natural world.This means treating our customers, suppliers and our plants with respect through all phases of production.

NED understands the potent healing to be found in the natural world and honors and celebrates that goodness by carefully handcrafting small batch,CBD oil products. We start in spectacular Paonia, Colorado where Farmer Kurt grows a hemp strain rich in terpenes and cannabinoid density. Next, we extract the oil, using a gentle and slow ethanol-based method, from the bud (flower) of the plant only; this means the lovely aromatic qualities of the flowers remain in the final distillate. Neither high heat—ours is extracted at -17°F—nor high pressure are used to extract the oils. We use a very gentle and slow process so we don’t compromise the profile of the hemp flower or its cannabinoid or terpene content.

NED recognizes the innate intelligence of the natural world. Mysteries abound in nature and the “entourage effect” is one such mystery. Nature bundles certain compounds together for reasons we don’t yet understand. In CBD oils, there are other compounds such as CBG, CBC, CBDa and other hemp terpenes. Mounting evidence suggests these complement and enhance each other. When taken out of this natural matrix by creating an isolate in a lab, some of the effective healing essence of the oil appears to be stripped away. These CBD isolates are ever more present in products found in the marketplace.

After the oil is extracted, we energetically infuse each bottle with the words “love” and “gratitude”. To learn more about why this is important, check out Dr. Masura Emoto’s pioneering work in his NY Times Best Seller,The Hidden Messages in Water. Lastly, our oil is given a “sound bath” of specific frequencies called binaural beats which may help restore calm, balance and focus. By working in tandem with the extraordinary power of nature, NED’s commitment to our planet and to the healing power of plants shines through.

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