Ned CBD Preparing For Coronavirus Sustainably

Coronavirus Prep: Stock Up Sustainably

By Rory Coulter

We’ve all seen the shelves — there’s a run on toilet paper! None of us wants to find ourselves in a spare-a-square situation, so what are we to do? Line our walls with TP for the long haul?

Looking after the basic needs of you and yours is hugely important, but hoarding stuff isn’t the way. Follow our mantra — keep it simple, keep it natural — and you won’t have to sweat supply shortages — or shortchange your neighbors. And you might just save some money and the environment while you’re at it.

1/ Bidet

Instead of stockpiling toilet paper, open your mind to a bidet. 

Our pick: Tushy 

2/ Foaming Soap Dispenser

Instead of bulk buying soap, get a foaming soap dispenser to help a little bit of soap go a lot futher.

Our pick: Jarmazing

3/ Water Purifier

Instead of paying for bottled water, invest in a water purifier that removes 99.999% of viruses and pathogenic bacteria and lasts a lifetime. 

Our pick: Berkey 

4/ Natural Cleaning Supplies

Instead of bringing home harmful chemicals, check your cupboard for natural cleaning supplies that actually work.

Have Any Ideas?

Share them in the comments! Let’s start a running list! 

Ready for a healthy New Year?

It takes a lot of steps to keep things purely simple. Experience the difference. 

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