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The Farm to Ned Alliance

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Author: Rory Coulter
Photo by Leia Chao
Photo by Leia Chao

Wellness Starts in the Soil

Did you know? There are more microorganisms in a tablespoon of healthy soil than there are human beings on earth! This is called soil biodiversity and it plays a crucial role in how many nutrients are actually in the plants you consume.

Healthy soil is packed with vitamins, minerals and nutrients that get absorbed by plants as they grow – and then passed along to you! Plants grown in degraded soil lack essential micronutrients and vitality.

Healthy Farming = Healthy Products = Healthy People

Quality products are built on quality relationships with people and the planet. Through the Farm to Ned Alliance, we partner with the very best small-scale regenerative farms to cultivate botanicals that not only restore our health but also the health of the ecosystems we depend on. The Farm to Ned Alliance is a unique opportunity to slow-craft the highest quality wellness products from the very best certified organic ingredients, while also supporting the invaluable work of regenerative farmers as stewards of the land and our wellbeing. Keep scrolling to learn more about our commitment to regenerative, farm-direct sourcing and the amazing farms we work with to bring you the highest quality products.
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Terra Fina Farm – Paonia, CO

Terra Fina is a multi-generational, family-owned farm and modern homestead. The farm combines the ways of old with the technology and knowledge of today to create a life in which plants, animals, and humans thrive. The farm is guided by the idea that the practices of regenerative agriculture should carry over into all aspects of life, from the food we grow, to the homes we build, to the way we treat each other and the planet. We work closely with Farmer Jonathan and his team at Terra Fina to cultivate the USDA certified organic full spectrum hemp in all of our blends.

Ingredients Sourced: Full Spectrum Hemp

Products: Daily Blend, Sleep Blend, De-Stress Blend, Brain Blend, Balance Blend, Daily Balm, Relief Balm, Hemp-Infused Lip Balm

Noble House Spice – San Rafael, CA

Noble House Spice is renowned for its dedication to sourcing from populations of farmers contending with the challenges of war and poverty worldwide. Year after year, they diligently enhance their products by refining harvesting and processing techniques in collaboration with their farmers. Through direct relationships with these communities, Noble House Spice cultivates the highest quality spices with an unwavering commitment to quality and social responsibility that fuels their ongoing pursuit of excellence.

Ingredients Sourced: Black Pepper, Cardamom, Cayenne, Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger, Nutmeg

Products: Shuteye Chai

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Oshala Farm – Applegate Valley, OR

Oshala is a certified organic farm dedicated to raising consciousness around regenerative agriculture and the dignity of farmworkers. Oshala is a bilingual farm that cultivates 84 varieties of medicinal plants. Despite pressure to meet the bottom line, Oshala leaves 30% of the farm out of production every year to allow the soil to rest and restore. Oshala is the combination of Elise’s passion for herbalism and Jeff’s passion for farming. They tend the fields with their son Will and a dedicated team of assistant farmers from Michocan, Mexico.

Ingredients Sourced: Ashwagandha, Astragalus, Dandelion, Echinacea, Lemon Balm, Milky Oats, Nettles, Oatstraw, Skullcap, Thyme

Products: Sleep Blend, De-Stress Blend, Balance Blend, Immunity Hero

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“To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves.” –Ghandi

Meeting House Farm – Scarborough, ME

Meeting House is a growing collaborative of over 25 primarily women-owned regenerative farms in Maine. Their collective mission is to connect herbalists throughout the Northeast and empower people to make healing plant medicine with locally grown herbs. After leaving her corporate job of 20 years, Emily restored a historic herb farm and created the Meeting House Herb Growers Collaborative by inviting farmers in Maine to join her online herbal farmer’s market. Two years later, the collaborative represents over 25 farms that meet exacting standards for regenerative growing and soil health through biodynamic and certified organic practices.

Ingredients Sourced: Arnica, Calendula, Echinacea, Elderflower, Lemon Balm, Milky Oats, Red Clover Blossom, Skullcap

Products: Sleep Blend, Balance Blend, Immunity Hero

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Foxtrot Farm – Ashfield, MA

Foxtrot is a 4 acre certified organic farm nestled in the hills of Ashfield, Massachusetts. They only use no-till farming practices and organic compost to amend the soil – farming mostly by hand with the utmost respect for the wonders of soil ecology. Farming the same land that her great-grandmother did after immigrating from Ukraine, Abby and her team are committed to no-till, regenerative farming practices. She envisions local agricultural systems that are resilient, ecologically sound, socially just, and wholly integrated into their communities.

Ingredients Sourced: Arnica, Echinacea, lemon Balm, Milky Oats, Nettles, Passionflower, Raspberry Leaf, Skullcap

Products: Sleep Blend, Balance Blend, Daily Balm, Immunity Hero

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OrcaSong Farm – Orcas Island, WA

OrcaSong is a climate resiliency and education initiative located on almost 200 acres of botanical fields, vegetable gardens, and green forests on Orcas Island off the coast of Washington. Inspired by the wonders of nature and its abundant capacity for healing, Orca Song Farm grows and distills the highest quality organic botanical extracts. OrcaSong is a not-for-profit, women-led, LGBTQ+ owned, community-driven, certified-organic farm. 

Ingredients Sourced: Lavender

Products: Daily Balm

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Arize Farm – Hotchkiss, CO

Arize Farm Botanicals, situated on a stunning mesa in Colorado's agriculture country, spans 36 acres and serves as a vital source of Organic bulk herbs for local apothecaries, retailers, and communities. Born from a profound passion for herbal botany and a deep appreciation for wild crafting, Arize offers a diverse array of herbs and products aimed at promoting natural health and healing. Rooted in a multi-generational and multi-family health and lifestyle practice, each member brings unique expertise and perspectives to their shared endeavor, fostering a collaborative environment on our cherished property that they steward with care.

Ingredients Sourced: Calendula

Products: Immunity Hero

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Patch Farm – Denmark,  ME

Patch Farm, nestled in Denmark, Maine, boasts 20 acres of fields and approximately 50 acres of forest, cultivating a diverse array of organically certified vegetables with a focus on storage crops and perennials. Plans include expanding with woody perennials like fruit trees and berries, alongside a menagerie of livestock including laying hens, pigs, and dairy goats, aiming to establish a sustainable farm for business, community, and sustenance. BrennaMae and Brandon gained farming experience in Washington and New Zealand before founding Patch Farm in 2014, coinciding with the birth of their daughter. Joined by BrennaMae's mother Nancy, they aim to create a sustainable farm while enjoying cherished family time.

Ingredients Sourced: Raspberry Leaf

Products: Balance Blend

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Rock n Roots – Paonia, CO

Rock n Roots Farm is a family farm in beautiful Paonia, CO, situated in the scenic North Fork Valley. They are committed to cultivating premium medicinal herbs while prioritizing environmental sustainability. Benefiting from the pure water of the West Elk Wilderness headwaters, their methods reject synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, fostering robust soil and ecosystems.

Ingredients Sourced: Calendula

Products: Immunity Hero

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Sleep Blend
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It Takes a Village

100% of the botanicals in our bestselling Sleep Blend come from the very best small-scale, certified-organic regenerative farms in the country. Rich, healthy soil = pure, healthy products.

Each bottle undergoes a rigorous 365 day slow crafting process that involves 45 extraordinary people and 105 distinct steps.

Jonathan and his team at Terra Fina Farm in Paonia spend a whole year cultivating the full spectrum hemp flowers. Elise and her team at Oshala Farm in Oregon spend 5 months cultivating the oatstraw and skullcap. Emily and her team at Meeting House Farm in Maine spend 3 months cultivating the lemon balm. Abby and her team at Foxtrot Farm in Massachusetts spend 5 months cultivating the passionflower.

Once all the ingredients have been harvested, they come together under one roof back at Nedsquarters to undergo a six-week-long production process.

It takes a village, but your sleep is worth it!

Meet Ned's Soil Savant

The Farm to Ned Alliance is led by Vida Chavez-Garcia, Ned’s Head of Production. Prior to joining Ned, Vida owned and managed Huerta de Vida, a small, educational permaculture farm in the Tunuyan, an hour south of Mendoza, Argentina. Vida is also a bilingual agroecology instructor, soil health nerd, and urban farmer who raises composting worms in her spare time. She’s passionate about working closely with our regenerative farmers to grow the very best botanicals to create the very best products for you.

Learn more about the Farm to Ned Alliance >
Shuteye Chai - Mello Sleep Latte
Shuteye Chai - Mello Sleep Latte
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Journey to the Heart of Shuteye Chai

From the buzzing markets of Delhi to the tranquil mountains of Kathmandu, the lush valleys of Guatemala to the secluded islands of Indonesia, join us on a Nedventure around the world to see just how far we go to make Shuteye Chai taste so dreamy – pun intended! Read more >

Produced in Partnership with Roots of Peace

The spices in our best-selling Shuteye Chai Sleep Latte are produced in partnership with Roots of Peace, a non-profit dedicated to supporting the world’s most vulnerable farmers and removing the remnants of war by helping turn former battlefields into productive farmlands. Roots of Peace has positively impacted over a million farmers and their families over the past 26 years and was honored with the prestigious World Food Prize in 2023. 

Learn more about Roots of Peace >
"[Roots of Peace] have turned mines into vines by replacing the seeds of destruction with the seeds of life...and have shown the world that even with modest beginnings, a partnership backed up by persistence can make a real difference." –Kofi Annan