Sustainability | June 26, 2019

Dispatches from the Biodynamic Hemp Farm: Summer '19

By Ret Taylor
Ned CBD Biodynamic Hemp Farm

We put our hands in the soil, learned about biodynamic farming, and stumbled on the secret to happiness...

An Intriguing Invitation

Our farmer invited us out to the farm a couple weeks ago “from 5pm on the 13th to 6pm on the 14th.” The super specific time frame intrigued us, so we marked our calendar. According to energy work and the biodynamic calendar, which is all about planting according to the rhythms and cycles of the cosmos, this little window was going to be the optimal time for him to plant. He was ready to put us to work, and we were ready to put our hands in the soil!

We made the drive over the Divide to Paonia to find the farm humming with life. 

A small community of friends and neighbors had gathered to help plant nearly 9,000 hemp plants on almost 4 acres. 

There was a young family that had just moved to Paonia to start their own farm, a former professional skier who was excited to be opening a tea house in town with his girlfriend, and a big teddy bear of a man named Bob originally from Iowa who insists on simply lending his equipment to neighboring farmers.

Biodynamic Farming

Way Beyond Organic Farming

Our farmer had a lot to teach us about biodynamic farming, which goes way beyond organic farming. He’s been working closely with another farm on the other side of the mountain, Sustainable Settings, which just so happens to be the leader in biodynamic farming. We learned about how a biodynamic farm is its own living breathing organism, every part equally important, from the worms that aerate the soil to robins that make them their meals to the farmer him or herself. It requires a deep connection with the natural world. That’s what we’re all about!

Biodynamic Hemp Farm Colorado

Happy Farmer, Happy Crop

Thanks to the support of our wonderful Ned community, our farmer has been able to reinvest in the farm and double down on the long journey toward biodynamic certification. He’s purchased new equipment, a greenhouse, 9,000 hemp seeds of three incredible strains, and a sweet old farm truck, which has upped his street cred with the neighboring farmers. 

We’ve never seen him so happy, and he pours all that joy into his farm. We’re pretty sure it’s a big factor in why he has the best crop out there. 

Seeds, Soil, and the Secret to Happiness

Out on the farm, we were reminded how the simple things in life bring joy. 

Give this a try: Before your next meal, think about everything that went into the food you’re about to eat. The seed, the soil, the rain, the sunshine, the farmer, the bees, the truck driver. You get the drift. 

And then think about everything that went into creating those things. 

As Carl Sagan said,

 “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.” 

Mind blown, right?! 

We don’t know about you, but this just fills us with awe.

Ned CBD Founder Adriaan Zimmerman at Hemp Farm

Every Last Drop

Every single last drop of our full spectrum hemp oil comes from the farmer's small farm in  Paonia, Colorado. 

When we say it’s slowly crafted in small batches by extraordinary people, we mean it. 

When you shop with Ned, you’re not only getting the world’s purest single source full spectrum hemp oil, you’re also supporting small farmers, local communities, biodynamics and the principle of plants before pills. 

Organic and Biodynamic Hemp Farm


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