Magnesium | September 09, 2020

How to Boost Your Immune System Naturally in 5 Steps

By Dagmara Mach
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Boosting your immune system naturally doesn't have to be complicated. 

At any given time, we have 380 trillion viruses and 40 trillion bacteria in our body. It’s a wonder we’re not sick more often! We have our immune system to thank for that.

Try these 5 simple steps to enhance immune response and improve antibody production.


Good health begins with good sleep. Getting enough of the right kind of sleep is the single best thing you can do to boost immunity and healing naturally.

When you’re in deep sleep, your immune system produces and releases cytokines to heal whatever needs healing and fight off whatever needs fighting off. When you are sleep deprived, you and your immune system suffer.

Research suggests that cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoids such as cannabinol (CBN) possess unique sedative properties, which support the body's ability to rid itself of the stress hormone cortisol, relax, fall asleep, and stay asleep through the night without waking up. We developed Ned Sleep Blend with added CBN as well botanicals such as calendula, passionflower, valerian, chamomile and others traditionally used to naturally promote healthy sleep. 

The mineral magnesium is another critical component of healthy sleep as our body requires it to be able to fall asleep, sleep deeply, and stay asleep through the night. Learn more in our article on Magnesium for Sleep.

Stress Relief

Reducing your stress levels is another way to boost your immune system naturally.

Believe it or not, stressing about getting sick might actually increase the likelihood of it. Chronic stress causes elevated cortisol levels that impair how the immune system functions.

Interestingly, a recent study showed that CBD administration significantly reduced plasma cortisol levels in healthy individuals, suggesting hemp oil, especially full spectrum hemp oil, which contains hundreds of beneficial phenolic compounds in addition to CBD, can play an important role in managing stress and feelings of anxiety.

It’s more important than ever to find healthy ways of coping with stress, like connecting with nature or using Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

To help keep your stress levels in check naturally and your immune system functioning at optimal levels try our new full spectrum hemp De-Stress Blend with CBG, CBD, ashwagandha, cardamom and cinnamon.    


There’s nothing a little sunshine can’t fix. Well, that’s not entirely true, but sunshine is your best source of Vitamin D, essential in the creation of CAMPs (cathelicidin antimicrobial peptides) — your body’s first line of defense against bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites.


Superfoods to the rescue! Foods high in vitamin C — like oranges — help keep your immune system in check, so your body doesn’t attack itself. Foods high in zinc — like whole grains, seeds, and nuts — help stop viruses from replicating, so your body doesn’t get overrun. And foods high in vitamin A — like leafy greens — help strengthen your cell walls, so your body is a stronger fortress.


Mellö Magnesium Superblend is packed with immune boosting actives including three chelated, and thus highly absorbable forms of magnesium, L-theanine, GABA, and over 70 trace minerals.

Magnesium enables immune response because the production, release, and activity of immune cells are all magnesium-dependent functions.

Ned Immunity Boost Blend

Don't Worry, Be Healthy

Take care of your immune system — and it will take care of you.



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