Lifestyle | August 16, 2021


By Rory Coulter

Meet Dalton Stogner — Ironman and member of Team Ned! He endured multiple devastating knee injuries and faced a long road to recovery, but he never gave up. We chat with him about his big hairy audacious goal, the obstacles he had to overcome to achieve it, and how Ned played a small part in his success.

Ned: I know doing an Ironman has been a goal of yours for a long time, but there were some big obstacles in your way. What made you decide to really go for it? 

Dalton: I really enjoy pushing myself, setting a goal and working to achieve the goal. The half ironman was my goal. It was very satisfying to train for several months and then see my dedication come through on race day.

Ned: You’ve endured several devastating knee injuries in the past. I know you tore both ACLs and both meniscus. Tell us more about what you had to overcome on this long road to accomplishing your goal.  

Dalton: I tore both of my ACLs and meniscus playing football in high school and college. These injuries led to knee pain, leg issues and doubt. Overcoming these through hard work, dedication, rehab and support from friends and family. Ultimately, these injuries, as hard as they were, helped me gain the appreciation for the opportunity to work hard and not take for granted the ability to compete in sports.

Ned: What was involved with training and how did you cope with the daily strain on your body?

Dalton: The training involved lots of biking, running and swimming. The typical week consisted of swimming 1500 -2000 meters 2-3 times a week. Then 3-4 bike rides that consisted of fast 10-15 miles and then one long ride which was around 30-45 miles. Finally, the running was 3-4 times a week and focused on shorter, faster runs. The most important part in coping was getting enough sleep. This is where NED comes in.

Ned: How did you use Full Spectrum Hemp Oil? How do you think it helped you?

Dalton: I took the oil every day after work. This helped me cope with the strain I was putting on my body. It helped alleviate typical soreness and made my body feel refreshed.

Ned: How did you use Mellö? How do you think it helped you?

Dalton: Mellö is my favorite product. I will be a Mellö user for life. I take it right around dinner time and it really produces a calming effect. It helps my body relax. Additionally, it has helped me sleep better than I ever have.

Kicker, my wife even started her own Mellö subscription!

Ned: How did you use Hemp Infused Body Butter? How do you think it helped you?

Dalton: The body butter was great for sore muscles. Training produces sore muscles. I would put the body butter on in the morning and it was a great way to alleviate soreness.

Ned: What’s in store for you next?

Dalton: Take a little break! I want to pull back a little on the training. Will hopefully do another one soon. With that, I will continue to use my Ned products.

Ned: You’re an inspiration! Any words of encouragement for people who might have to overcome similar obstacles to reach their goals? 

Dalton: I would say make sure you enjoy the work and journey. Reaching the goal is a great feeling but the journey is just as good! 

Ned: Anything else to add?

Dalton: Thank you NED! Great company, products and people!



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