Lifestyle | February 07, 2022

Team Ned: Bob File

By Rory Coulter
Team Ned: Bob File

Meet Bob File — former Major League Baseball pitcher and member of Team Ned! We chat with him about his big audacious goal, the obstacles he had to overcome to achieve it, and how Ned played a small part in his success.

Ned: Hi Bob, tell us a little about yourself.

Bob: Before starting my career in life sciences, I was a relief pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays from 2001 to 2004. I also did part-time sports commentary from 2006 to 2008 on the Philadelphia Phillies for Comcast Sports Net’s post-game show and served as the Pitching Coach at La Salle University in Philadelphia. I have lived in many places during my career (California; Arizona; Medicine Hat, Alberta; Tennessee; Florida; Syracuse, NY; Caracas, Venezuela; Toronto, Ontario); however, I was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA and my home is now in South NJ.

Ned: What was the goal you wanted Ned’s help with? 

Bob: For over 30 years, the Families Behind the Badge Children's Foundation has sought out meaningful ways to support our region's first responders (police officers, firefighters, EMTs) and help build healthy connections in the communities they serve – the calling to which they have devoted their lives. This year they raised over $1M at the 34th Annual The Ben to The Shore Bike Tour. My ultimate goal was to complete the ride and feel good after finishing!

My goal since ending my athletic career has been to consistently keep challenging myself everyday. With the mindset where nothing is impossible, I try to keep that same mentality working and training everyday. This is why I decided to ride 70+ miles from Philadelphia to Atlantic City by bicycle. I have never been a cyclist and decided it was something I would train and complete, because it would be a challenge.

Ned: Did you have to overcome any obstacles to achieve it?

Bob: The biggest obstacle I faced was training consistently for many months leading up to the event. I regularly workout and train with weights; however, I had to incorporate Peloton sessions and outdoor rides everyday. This meant starting my training every morning around 5am due to a hectic work schedule.

Ned: What was involved with training for the ride? How did you cope with the daily strain on your body and keep going everyday?

Bob: Training for the ride was a challenge. Not having any cycling experience meant I needed to assess all the different things which may come up during a 70 mile ride. The endurance training was one aspect, then there was my technique on the bike, where I was constantly making little adjustments after rides to take pressure off of different areas of my body which would become tired, i.e. shoulders, glutes, ankles, etc.

Ned: What brought you to Ned?

Bob: I first heard about Ned through the MindPump podcast which I have listened to for many years. 

Ned: How did you use Sleep Blend? How do you think it helped you?

Bob: I started using Sleep Blend after many other CBD products on the market did not work for me. I found the Sleep Blend allowed me to get into a deeper sleep and recover from training consistently at age 44.

Ned: How did you use Mellö? How do you think it helped you?

Bob: I use Mellö when I want to put my mind at ease after a long day at work. I find Mellö allows for me to decompress and let me relax during the early evening.

Ned: How did you use Hemp Infused Body Butter? How do you think it helped you?

Bob: The Hemp Infused Body Butter was and continues to be helpful for my plantar fasciitis. About a week before the ride, I hurt my right foot and was determined not to miss the ride. I put body butter on my food every night before bed and it has helped the pain and it allowed me to complete the ride. 

Ned: What’s in store for you next?

Bob: Looking forward to riding again next summer and continuing to support the charity. Daily fitness is a way of life and I will always use Ned products on my journey!

Ned: You’re an inspiration! Any words of encouragement for everyone out there trying to accomplish their goals?

Bob: Be comfortable with the uncomfortable. If you don’t try things you are scared of or not good at, then are you really living? I always say, if someone else can do something, why can’t I?