Lifestyle | October 26, 2020

Sow More Seeds of Kindness

By Rory Coulter
Sow More Seeds of Kindness

Practicing kindness is the simplest way to start living better and feeling better. Take our 30 day kindness challenge — and reap the proven health benefits!

“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.” 

—Amelia Earheart

  1. Pick up some litter on a walk.
  2. Write an uplifting message outside with sidewalk chalk.
  3. Put a bird feeder out.
  4. Put a bowl of fresh water out for animals.
  5. Share your umbrella with someone waiting to cross the road.
  6. Clap for a street performer.
  7. Donate a warm coat.
  8. Buy a box of Girl Scout cookies.
  9. Smile at people out and about.
  10. Pick a flower for a loved one.
  11. Dress in your Sunday best.
  12. Decide to accept someone for who they are.
  13. Decide to forgive someone.
  14. Tell someone why you’re inspired by them. 
  15. Write a thank you note.
  16. Water (and talk to!) the plants.
  17. Give your favorite book to someone.
  18. Share something that made you laugh with a friend.
  19. Sincerely compliment a stranger.
  20. Tell a mom she’s a great mom.
  21. Recognize someone’s hard work.
  22. Tell someone they’ve brought a lot of joy to your life.
  23. Answer the phone with “I was just thinking about you, I’m so glad you called!”
  24. Check in with a friend on that problem they were having.
  25. Send someone a poem or a quote that makes you think of them.
  26. Disarm someone with a silly joke.
  27. Support a local business.
  28. Leave a generous tip.
  29. Ask a cashier about their day. 
  30. Write a positive review.