Lifestyle | September 30, 2022

Ned Customer Happiness - Why We Do What We Do

By Molly Lucinda
Ned Customer Happiness - Why We Do What We Do
Hey there, I’m Molly, head of the Customer Happiness team here at Ned!
Customer experience (or, happiness, as we like to say) is at the core of everything we do because our customers are the heart and soul of Ned.

We, ourselves, know the importance of feeling heard, being able to talk to a real human, and being reassured that our issues will be resolved. Yet, all too often, we’ve been disappointed and end up walking into most customer service interactions on the defensive.

Our objective at Ned is to ensure that we are continually striving to listen, grow and evolve with you to offer the very best experience. Our philosophy is rooted in the Golden Rule - treat others as you'd like to be treated; therefore, we treat our customers like family.

At Ned, we have a company Culture Guide that outlines 10 principles that we strive to embody and practice daily. While it’s company-wide, it’s a big part of what makes our Customer Happiness department so unique.

These principles are:

1. Be Approachable
We always want you to feel like you can pick up the phone and give us a call, reach out via email, or even quickly connect with us through live chat and know that you’re talking to a real human. We make it as simple as reaching out to a friend because we are here to support YOU!

2. Stop. Think About the Customer. Proceed.
Your experience with Ned is our top priority. Whenever we are resolving issues that arise for customers, we always stop to think about things from your perspective and then act accordingly for what’s most supportive and helps provide the best experience.

3. Strive to Deliver Excellence
This applies to every customer experience. Not to toot our own horn, but we’ve gotten really good at it! We see this reflected in our customer reviews and rating through our customer support platform. But, of course, we know we’re note perfect and always learn from our mistakes.

4. Do More with Less
We are a small but mighty team. While we don’t have the resources of huge companies or venture-backed startups, we make up for it in ways that matter. We’re committed to going above and beyond in big and simple ways. Sometimes, it’s simply a matter of making sure that our customers hear back from us within 30 mins of any inquiry (during business hours, of course). Other times, it just requires us to be really good listeners.

5. Be Humble
We’re not here to say that we have all the answers, but we will absolutely do our best to help resolve any situation that arises.

6. Be Thoughtful
A simple but incredibly important value of our Customer Happiness team. Our hope is that you leave every interaction with our team feeling heard and supported, because, simply put, we care!

7. Take Ownership
Did we make a mistake or was there an issue with your order? We’re here to step up and remedy that asap! Anywhere from a missing item to a lost package, we’ll make it right for you.

8. Practice Open and Honest Communication
Further to taking ownership, we believe in transparency in each aspect of our company and that goes for customer happiness as well. We also believe that the only way out is through and we’re not going to beat around the bush if we’ve made a mistake. Did you find anything awry with your order or product? Let us know, we want to make sure that every order and every product that leaves our Nedquarters is the way it should be!

9. Keep it Simple, Keep it Natural
We understand that sometimes it can be daunting to get started on your wellness journey or on a new product . Afterall, it means understanding everything from serving sizes, how to work with multiple products or how to navigate your North Star Member portal. We all start somewhere, so whether you are new to full spectrum hemp and Ned or have a wellness routine together, we’re here to support you no matter where you are!

10. Be Grateful
This might seem like something small but it’s truly the opposite here at Ned. We are grateful to have the opportunity to create wellness products that help us get closer to nature and feel better in doing it. We are even more grateful for our amazing community and customers that we get to support on a daily basis. We find that the more we bring gratitude into our lives, the better we are able to support our community!

In addition to those values, we also do our part to invest in our team and make sure we’re all well supported, because as we all know, we can’t show up for each other if we don’t show up for ourselves. This year we’ve implemented a mental health initiative for our team members so that we can practice what we preach and take time to get outside and connect with each other.

Ned truly is a company that invests in and values its company culture and its customers, and as a result, we’ve experienced some pretty wonderful connections with our community and we LOVE what we get the opportunity to do!

Thank you for being a part of our family and for allowing us to support YOU!

And for those of you who are new to Ned or are wondering what we do and how we can help, reach out to us and we’ll be more than happy to chat with you and see how we can support you!