Lifestyle | March 06, 2022

Meet Billie, Ned's Marketing Manager

By Rory Coulter
Meet Billie, Ned's Marketing Manager

When she’s not hard at work wearing many hats, juggling many balls, and turning everything she touches to gold, you can find her teaching yoga, traveling, and skiing.

Ned: Can you share a bit about yourself?

Billie: I grew up in Los Angeles, but have since lived in Chicago, the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, Italy, and am now settled in Boulder, Colorado. Travel, movement, and connection are the pillars of my life wherever I am. 

Ned: What are some of your hobbies?

Billie: In the winter, I love to ski. In the warmer months, I spend my free time hiking, camping, and seeking out live music. I’m also a yoga teacher and practitioner. 

Ned: What are your core values?

Billie: Sustainability, curiosity, and kindness. 

Ned: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Billie: Life is long. People say it’s short, but it’s the longest thing you’ll ever do, so don’t be afraid to make the wrong decision. You can always make another one later.

Ned: What’s your favorite quote?

Billie: “We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? Your playing small does not serve the world.” –Marianne Williamson

Ned: What do you do at Ned?

Billie: I’m the Marketing Manager. I help plan and implement all of our marketing efforts. There’s always something new happening at Nedquarters, and I have the privilege of finding new ways to tell our community about it. 

Ned: Why do you love working at Ned? (specifically as a woman)

Billie: I started at Ned somewhat recently, and what was so refreshing about transitioning into this role was seeing how committed this company is to doing things right, even if that means spending more to make it happen. Everything from production to customer happiness is done with integrity. 

Ned: Which products do you use? Why do you use them? How do you use them & how much? When do you use them? How do they make you feel?

Billie: Sleep Blend is my go-to. I’m one of those people who really needs my 8 hours, and if I don’t, I’m off my A-game. Sleep Blend helps me get to sleep and stay asleep without the drowsiness or weird side effects I’ve had with melatonin. The Hemp Infused Body Butter has also been a recent favorite of mine. This past weekend I  took a spill skiing and then a second one while hiking the next day, so I’ve got two pretty big bruises at the moment. Topically applying CBD and arnica has been a great way to manage pain and promote recovery. 

Ned: How do you like to start your day?

Billie: Coffee! Recently, I’ve been adding a serving of De-Stress Blend along with a splash of cashew milk to my morning cup and it’s a great way to start my morning. 

Ned: How do you like to end your day?

Billie: All my friends know I’m a big fan of “Rose, Thorn, Stem”, where you share the best part of your day, the worst part of your day, and something you learned. Gratitude is a big part of my wellness journey, and I find this practice helps me find gratitude when I otherwise might not have. 

Ned: What’s your best tip for stress?

Billie: Stillness. When I begin to feel the grip of stress and anxiety, I try to honor my humanness by not pinning “shame” onto those feelings. That only perpetuates the cycle of anxiety for me. Instead, I find taking a moment of stillness to focus on my breath and the sensations of my body can help me to zoom out, contextualize the situation, and find the next right step. 

Ned: What’s your best tip for sleep?

Billie: Getting in the habit of a consistent bed time and Sleep Blend!