Lifestyle | June 07, 2022

Friend of Ned: Mimi + Chase of The Medicin Podcast

By Rory Coulter
Friend of Ned: Mimi + Chase of The Medicin Podcast

Meet Mimi and Chase – hosts of The Medicin Podcast and Friends of Ned. We chat with them about life, love, medicinal mushrooms, and preventing disease in your body, mind, and relationships.

Ned: Can you share some of your story?

Mimi + Chase: Before our work at The Medicin, we were childhood sweethearts who turned husband & wife in our early 20s. After 3 years of marriage, and 10 years together, we actually divorced, thinking we would never see each other again. We both hit physical, emotional, mental and spiritual rock bottom and committed (separately) to get to the root of our personal issues. We both needed a complete lifestyle overhaul. After 3 years of intense self development, holistic health integration, and personal epiphanies, our new lives crossed paths organically. After many real, hard conversations and tuning in with our souls, six months later we officially moved in together to start ‘Part 2’ of our relationship. With a brand new outlook on relationships, love, the meaning of life, and health, our mission has become to spread as much information on what we call the real “Medicins” of the world.

Ned: Can you tell us more about the work you do?

Mimi + Chase: We encourage our community to welcome expansive and novel ways of thinking, to push against the norm, and never stop asking questions. The majority of our community grew up like we did. Structured, “get good grades, go to college, get married and get a job, buy a house and start living the dream,” but have reached adulthood and wondered if there’s more. Is this really it? So as we looked to start this business, our thought process was that we can be a bridge to these deeper, healthier ways of thinking and more conscious ways of living. With your partner, community, with the earth, your body and your purpose. We do this through our products, digital offerings in the form of our podcast (“The Medicin Podcast”), through online courses, as well as masterclasses and live events that we host. Additionally, with our backgrounds both having been in the health and nutrition space, we offer our own medicinal mushroom products, as well as partner with some amazing brands like Ned who create solutions and supplements that support a holistically healthy lifestyle. All of these products live on what we call the “Medicin Cabinet” on our website (

Ned: What are your core values?

Mimi + Chase: The Medicin brand’s ethos is around the cultivation and creation of deep, conscious relationships. Our mantra, you could say, is breaking through the mainstream narrative on relationships. And like we mentioned, not just in your romantic relationships, but the relationship with yourself, your community, your food, the earth, your body and your purpose.

Ned: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Mimi + Chase: We have learned from and been mentored by some incredible people, some truly wise men and women of our time. But some of the most profound wisdom has actually come from Chase’s father, who told us as we were thinking about getting back together after our divorce, “Ya know, no matter how many times you change the places that you live in or the people that you spend your time with, your problems will always resurface. So the question becomes not who or what will fix you, but rather who are the people you want to surround yourself with in this life so that you can effectively work on yourself.” The answer for both of us was clear, there is no one else that we would rather work on ourselves with, than each other.

Ned: What’s your motto or favorite quote?

Mimi + Chase: Motto: Do no harm. Take no shit.

Ned: What’s something you’ve learned this past year?

Mimi + Chase: The big takeaways for us over the last year of growing a business, through all of the challenges, have been the importance of purpose and the power of our own creativity. We found that if we can continue to nurture a united constitution that this work is truly our purpose in life, and ensure that the positivity and motivation associated with that purpose far outweighs the negative energy of the obstacles, we can and will sustain. By not focusing on the circumstances that are out of our control and rather focusing on and leaning deeper on the power of our own creativity, we learned that our minds as our most powerful asset will always provide solutions if we are asking the right questions.

Ned: What’s a super simple practice you do that’s improved your life?

Mimi + Chase: We work from home, together. To wind down in the evening and turn off “work mode” became a challenge early in the pandemic. As such, we began a practice of taking 2-3, sometimes even 5, minutes of breathing and gratitude before we eat our dinner. 10 inhalations and exhalations, maybe taking a few minutes to hug and then share what we are grateful for as well as something we would like to manifest for someone else’s life. Also reading to each other in the evening rather than always watching TV facilitates deep conversation, connection and is better for our sleep!

Ned: What’s the smallest change you’ve made that’s had the biggest impact?

Mimi + Chase: We stopped brewing and drinking our own coffee everyday and rather consume 2 types of mushroom elixirs. We use “King Coffee'' from Organo for a first cup in the morning made from organic instant coffee and reishi mushroom spores, followed by a non-caffeinated mushroom latte that we have formulated from tremella and chaga mushrooms as well as a host of other adaptogens. Both are amazing for gut and skin health, digestion, sustained energy and immunity. We will actually be going to market and releasing the mushroom latte this summer, with an organic cinnamon and maple taste profile. Stay tuned!

Ned: What do you know you need to do to feel like your best self every day?

Mimi + Chase: Physical touch and quality time are huge for both of us. So if we can connect first thing in the morning through a hug, or a back rub getting out of bed, followed by some level of conversation about what we are reading or studying, we will set ourselves up for a great day.

Ned: What’s your favorite Ned product(s) and why?

Mimi + Chase: Tough to choose! But it would have to be Sleep Blend with the ingredient list that combines some of our favorite sleep allies like Lemon Balm and CBN. Flat out, most effective and safe sleep supporting product in the marketplace that we have tried. Not only does it support falling deeply into sleep, but it keeps us asleep.

Ned: How do you use your favorite Ned product?

Mimi + Chase: We take the Sleep Blend on weekends, about 30min before bedtime, when we are looking to catch up on sleep after a busy week. But we do not hesitate to take it during the work week when we know we are running low on quality sleep.

Ned: What are some of your other favorite health & wellness products, practices, foods, etc.?

Mimi + Chase: It is medicinal mushrooms all the way for us! In addition to King Coffee that we mentioned already, as well as our mushroom latte that we will be coming out with this summer, we also use and offer Immune Intel AHCC. In fact, we call it the “Mushroom Unicorn.” Immune Intel AHCC is a mushroom supplement cultured from the mycelium (roots) of Shiitake mushrooms, and has 30+ years of clinical research to support its amazingness – one of the most clinically researched supplements in the world! It works to level up the intelligence of your immune system by increasing the number of all your immune cells and then improving the communication between those cells. We also maintain what we call our “Medicin Cabinet” on our website that showcases what we always keep on hand. Everything from biohacking devices like therapeutic red lights and structured water systems, to other superfood products and supplements like Organifi, Kion and Paleovalley.

Ned: How do you like to start your day?

Mimi + Chase: We both get up early and first thing we connect through a hug or a back rub. We then proceed to fire up and hydrate our bodies through structured, mineralized water, our mushroom coffee elixirs and some other adaptogen supplements. We spend some time in self study and meditation and then usually proceed to get some exercise in before we start the workday.

Ned: How do you like to end your day?

Mimi + Chase: We end our day by some form of entertainment like watching a TV series, a YouTube show, listening to a podcast or some music together. We also are usually reading a book together so at least a few times a week we will just read the book out loud to each other. Before we head into bed we have been journaling about questions or challenges we are facing in our life or business, and gently requesting our subconscious to go to work solving these questions as we sleep.

Ned: What’s your favorite ritual?

Mimi + Chase: Every Thursday since we have been back together we have what we call “ThursDate,” where we take time out of our workday to go on a coffee date. Usually to a coffee shop near the beach. We intentionally chose to do this during traditional “working hours” and not on our personal time. It feels much more like a little vacation and a gift to each other. Whatever is happening in our work life, we prioritize this time together regardless.

Ned: What’s your best advice for stress?

Mimi + Chase: Rest and play. Restoration, relaxation and sleep is still the best supplement to a healthy, low stress life. And finding play in your life allows you to become present in the moment where stories from the past and fear of the future literally cannot exist. Both of which are usually the drivers of stress.

Ned: What’s your best advice for mental health?

Mimi + Chase: Stop staring at so many screens. Put your eyeballs on nature, on someone else’s eyes or even into a book. At least a few nights a week we read outloud to each other instead of working on our laptops, watching television or using our phones. One, it helps us articulate better when we record our podcast episodes, but it also gives our eyes and nervous systems a break from the stimuli of electronic devices. We find that this activates a much more creative way of using our mind before we go to sleep.

Ned: What’s your best advice for sleep?

Mimi + Chase: Ned Sleep Blend! Also, physical activity and sunlight. Moving your body and getting out into nature are brilliant ways to support a healthy relationship to the natural rhythms of activity and restoration.

Ned: What’s your best advice for love?

Mimi + Chase: Learn about yourself, not about the labels that you have been given. What lights you up? Learn to love yourself and remove expectations from a relationship (romantic or otherwise) and focus on showing up as the most complete version of yourself as possible. A romantic relationship will be much more fulfilling if you both show up as fully + authentically as possible, not depending on the other to “complete you.”

Ned: What’s something you want to start doing?

Mimi + Chase: We will be starting to video record all of our podcasts and putting them up on YouTube very soon!

Ned: What’s something you want to stop doing?

Mimi + Chase: We would like to stop traveling to the Pacific Northwest during the winter holidays. The winter is beautiful, the PNW is where we are from and where our families still live, but between the horrific airline problems and the sub-freezing weather the last couple years, we are ready to be fair weather visitors!

Ned: Who do you follow that really inspires you?

Mimi + Chase: We are all about finding the “Medicins” for mind, body and relationship, so I will answer in a similar fashion. For our mind we follow the teachings and mentorship of our dear friend, Paul Chek. For our body, our physical health, we love Mind Pump Media as well as Dr. John Berardi and the Precision Nutrition group. And for relationships, David Deida, Londin Angel Winters and John Wineland have been some of our favorite teachers. Highly encourage everyone to check out their work.

Ned: What’s something you’re grateful for?

Mimi + Chase: So many things! But right now we are just so grateful to be in this journey of growth, without an expectation or fixation on the outcome. We are in such a growth phase of our business where we are starting a new product line (mushroom latte), bringing on new partners, putting out great content constantly and getting on as many platforms as possible in order to spread our message. The outcome is unknown and that is okay. In fact it is welcomed, because living in “possibility” is such a gift that makes the human experience so unique. Follow Mimi + Chase on Instagram, check out their website, and listen to The Medicin Podcast here. Listen to our co-founder Adriaan on The Medicin Podcast.