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Friend of Ned: Michelle Saahene

By Rory Coulter
Friend of Ned: Michelle Saahene

Meet Michelle Saahene  – speaker, model, community leader, and Friend of Ned! We chat with her about hormone imbalance, having the courage and wisdom to take control of your health, and how Balance Blend can help.

Ned: How would you describe yourself?

Michelle: I’m a speaker, model, and community leader prioritizing the health and wellness of women of color. 

Ned: Can you tell us more about the work you do? 

Michelle: My work involves sharing natural and safe products, and writing about physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness to help people, especially women of color, find ways to heal themselves and prioritize their wellness despite our oppressive systems. 

Ned: What led you to this line of work?

Michelle: My own personal experiences of medical neglect for years, especially when it came to my reproductive health, made me realize I had to take my health into my own hands as best as I could. 

Ned: Why is learning more about your hormone health so important? 

Michelle: For me personally, learning about my hormone health as someone who one day wants to conceive was very important. But it’s important for everyone to understand their hormone health as it impacts so much of our everyday life and so they can make sense of their health struggles. The great news is that our hormone health can often be turned around for the better in a relatively short time.

Ned: For those who are looking to optimize their health, what would you suggest their “first step” be toward finding balance? 

Michelle: Eliminate everything that does not feel good to your body and has a negative impact in any way. 

Ned: What’s one thing you wish more people knew about healing?

Michelle: I wish more people realized that natural, organic herbs can do what Western medicine has convinced us only it could do for decades. I wish more people had the belief to know they can take control of their health, and the courage to do it. 

Ned: How has Balance Blend helped you or your clients? 

Michelle: Balance Blend has regulated my menstrual cycle better than anything I have ever used in my life. I am now menstrating with longer days in between which means I have a longer fertile window, which is exactly

 what I want. It’s been a liberating experience to find and benefit from Balance Blend. 

Ned: How do you start your days?

Michelle: I start my day in gratitude. Most days I try to remember to recite what I am grateful for even before I open my eyes. I think, have either herbal tea, a matcha latte, or home-made juice, and take my Balance Blend. I also sometimes listen to classical music or upbeat music as I have some of my highest energy early in the day. 

Ned: How do you end your day?

Michelle: I end my day with herbal tea and listening to either a podcast or listening to classical music. 

Ned: Who do you follow that really inspires you? 

Michelle: Dr. Rosales Meza and Layla Saad. I cannot choose between the two! 

Ned: What’s something you’re grateful for? 

Michelle: I’m grateful for family and community there to support my growth and be exposed to knowledge that changes my life. 

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