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Friend of Ned: East Forest

By Rory Coulter
Friend of Ned: East Forest

Meet East Forest — acclaimed musician, intrepid traveler, and friend of Ned.

When he’s not making music in his studio in the high desert of Southern Utah, he’s traveling to far flung places like the Amazon or the Sahara to record the sounds of nature. Most recently, he collaborated with the late Ram Dass on a new album out now. He shares some words of wisdom and a soundtrack to guide you through these changing times so you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.   

Occupation: Musical Introspection

Ned: What are the core value(s) that guide your daily life? 

East Forest: Always tell the truth. Figuring out what's true is usually the hard part.

Ned: What is your idea of contentment? 

East Forest: Peace. Equilibrium. Sweet nothingness.

Ned: What is a super simple practice you do that’s improved your life? 

East Forest: Staying creative - reading books like The War Of Art.

Ned: What’s the small change you’ve made that’s had the biggest impact? 

East Forest: Working to take more deep breaths throughout the day.

Ned: What’s something you want to start doing? 

East Forest: I'd love to learn to play the bass guitar.

Ned: What’s something you want to stop doing? 

East Forest: Being too concerned about death.

Ned: What’s something not many people know about you? 

East Forest: I have a childhood love of cars -- it's a weird materialistic interest that doesn't find many manifestations in my life but I enjoy looking at them.

Ned: What’s your favorite daily ritual? 

East Forest: My morning tea or coffee creation.

Ned: What’s your favorite form of exercise? 

East Forest: Backpacking!

Ned: Who do you follow that inspires you most? 

East Forest: Charles Eisenstein

Ned: What’s something you’re grateful for? 

East Forest: My partner Radha's endless patience.


A soundtrack to guide you through times of change, happening, and chaotic events so that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Listen now >

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Image credit: Matt Gonzalez