Lifestyle | June 30, 2023

De-Stress Bulletproof Coffee

By Rory Coulter
De-Stress Bulletproof Coffee

With the rise in popularity of ketogenic and low-carb diets, bulletproof coffee has taken the world by storm. Although you might initially raise an eyebrow at the idea of blending your morning cup of coffee with a couple of tablespoons of butter, you don’t have to be low-carb to fall in love with the creamy texture and all-day slow-release energy bulletproof coffee provides. 

But just like everything else we do at Ned, we do things a little bit differently by adding a dropper of De-Stress Blend to the mix. The cannabinoids in De-Stress Blend bind to the fat in the butter, allowing for better bioavailability and more powerful calming and anti-inflammatory effects. Plus, many bulletproof coffee recipes call for MCT oil, which can leave you feeling fuller for longer. Conveniently, Ned’s Daily Blend already contains MCT oil, making this 3 ingredient recipe a breeze to make. And the cardamom and cinnamon notes from De-Stress Blend make it taste extra delicious.


  • 1 cup of brewed coffee
  • 1-2 tablespoons of unsalted butter or ghee
  • 1 dropper of De-Stress Blend

Add all of your ingredients to a blender and blend for 20-30 seconds until the texture is creamy. For iced coffee, let it cool and then pour over ice. Enjoy!