Lifestyle | March 22, 2022

Birthday Messages from Our Community

By Rory Coulter
Birthday Messages from Our Community

Thanks for celebrating 4 amazing years of Ned with us! Here’s to many more years of helping people feel better and live better through the transformative healing power of nature and the world’s best natural remedies! We were so moved by all the birthday messages we received, we had to share them with the world! 


“Happy Birthday Ned! Thank you for making such a wonderful CBD, this has changed my family's life. My disabled adult son is now sleeping all night long and he is much calmer. Thank you!! From the Katz Family!”


“Happy bday! Thank you for making products that not only work but are also clean and conscious of their environmental impact.”


“Happy Birthday! Your mello product has helped me form a healthy behavior for bedtime!”


“Happy birthday Ned! Thank you for improving my sleep and overall health!”


“As a mom and a wife, Ned’s hormone balance has helped me SO much during that certain time of the month. I’ll always keep purchasing it. Happy Birthday Ned and thank you for all that you guys and gals do!”


“Ned has helped decrease my stress levels & improve my health! Happy birthday!”


“Happy Birthday Ned. Your products have become part of my daily and pre-bedtime ritual. I'm glad I found you!”


“HBD! Grateful for your birth. Probably would still have insomnia without your products xoxo.”


“Happy Birthday, Ned, and thank you for helping me sleep well!”


“Ned has fundamentally changed the way I manage my life’s worries and anxiety. Ned provided the easy tools to let your body do what it knows how to do: HEAL. Happy Birthday!!!”


“Happy birthday! Ned Mello and Sleep Blend are my power duo! I use Mello regularly and Sleep Blend when I’m traveling or recovering from bad sleep.”


“Happy birthday, Ned! Firstly, you share a birthday with the amazing RGB, RIP. Secondly, thanks to YOU, I’m sleeping better than ever before!!”


“Happy Birthday, Ned! Your products have made such a difference in my life! Thank you for that!”


“Happy birthday to an awesome company. I use the hemp oil for my arthritis. I have confidence in Ned for my oil and it’s super fun to get a little extra gift from u once in awhile.”


“Happy Birthday Ned. Thank you for the excellent products and customer service. Y’all are awesome. Ned helps with my sleep and anxiety to cope with daily life’s activities. Keep up the good work. God Bless the Ned Family.”


“Happy birthday, Ned! You have the very best products on the market today as proven by how much your products have impacted my quality of life for the positive! I’ve used your products since the beginning and have stayed a monthly subscription member. Keep on producing the best products on the market and have a happy birthday.”


“NED products have been a huge health staple in our family. ALL of NED products are clean and full of health goodness. We are HOOKED for life. Thankful!!!”


“Happy Birthday! The first time I tried Hello Mello… I. Was. Hooked! It relaxes me so well and I have the best sleep ever! Thank you so much for creating such amazing products.”


“Happy Birthday Ned! I am grateful for you and the life changes I have been able to make with your products.”


“Dear Ned. Thank you for being a full spectrum hemp oil that gave me a quality of life back that I had lost to debilitating headaches. Can’t thank you or wish you happy Birthday enough.”


“Happy Birthday! I love all your products! Your de-stress blend is the best thing for my anxiety, it has helped immensely. Also, your lip balm is loved by everyone in my family. My husband typically doesn't ask for certain brands, but he always asks for the Ned lip balm.”


“Happy Birthday Ned!! Thanks to your balance blend for helping me control my pms!”


“Happy Birthday To everyone at Ned. You are the best ever! Excellent products, info, customer care, and a blessing to so many!!!!”


“Happy Birthday, NED!!! Ned helps control my cortisol levels.”


“Wishing you many, many more birthdays!!!!”


“Happy birthday! Ned has been such a great product to blend into my routine. Can’t wait to see the growth over the next 4 years as well.”


“Happiest of Birthdays!!! So grateful for all you guys do and have created to better people's lives. I love having Ned part of my daily wellness.”


“Helped so much with my stress levels before bed. I can sleep better when I take Ned!”


“My husband began using Ned sleep and he has been getting way better sleep than he has in years. His Oura ring has begun celebrating his sleep rather than shaming him. That’s huge!”


“Happy, Happy Birthday Ned. I have so many wonderful Ned memories. The best one was after using Mello everyday for a couple of months, a friend  asked where I was getting all my new found energy. I told her the only thing I had changed was adding Mello to my daily regimen. A few months later she told me she had just opened her second order of Mello and she too was “feelin’ the energy.”


“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Happy Birthday Ned. My daughter got me started with you and it has helped very much with the stress of Covid lasting so very long. As an elderly client, the stress, isolation & keeping me from traveling to see my children and grandchildren is definitely distressing.  I have used the sleep CBD and it has helped immensely. The other one we have bought that helps both me and my roommate who is a very nervous person, is the stress relief. It helps her significantly. She’s a horrible back seat driver with her fear of people weaving in and out of traffic and not using turn signals when they do it. She’s actually dangerous with her antics of fear. I don’t let her leave the house unless she’s taken it a good half hour before.  It works and makes my life a lot better. Thank you and Happy Birthday.”


“Thank you for creating such high quality products. Your sleep blend has been so helpful to my husband and me. Our sleep has been so disrupted the past few years with our son. The pattern made sleeping difficult even though our son is sleeping through the night now. We’re feeling so much better since taking the sleep blend each night!”


“My sleep is better than ever! Thanks Ned, and Happy Birthday!”


“Happy Birthday! Stay Mello!”


“I love Ned products, they have definitely improved my life!!”


“Ned has helped me slow down and be present with myself. Using CBD and mello every night. Starts to kick in about a week of consistency and boy do you notice if you go a few days in a row without it.”


“It has been amazing watching you grow the company! Happy birthday! Here is to many many more! Best, Paul.”


“The sleep blend is the best!!!”


“Congrats on another birthday! Your products are incredible. Love the clean ingredients and transparency.”


“Ned has helped me conquer my anxiety and improve my overall well-being.”


“Happy birthday! Keep doing what you're doing. Your products are a lifesaver. Appreciate everything you do!”


“Happy Birthday Ned! De-Stress blend has been amazing! Thank you!”


“Happy Birthday! I love my berry magnesium.”


“Happy Birthday, Ned. I started using your CBD oil for pain and then found out it was also helping with reducing my stress and helping me to sleep better. Thanx!


Happy 4th birthday! Ned has helped me with stress and sleep and I couldn’t be more thankful for the referral from my daughter!”


“Ned has helped my sleep SOOO MUCH. It's great feeling relaxed & sleepy before going to bed without taking pills.”


“Happy birthday to a wonderful company!”


“Happy birthday NED! A quick shout out of gratitude for transforming my life in the most beautiful way. What an amazingly kind and soulful group of people!! It’s no surprise your products reflect such a purposeful and positive response in so many :) I have followed and tried every product mainly out of desperation lol The outcome has always been outstanding and beyond my expectations. I try to lead a very mindful, healthy lifestyle. Even with routines to stay balanced juggling many responsibilities can be draining, especially as we age! I recently began a regular regimen of the Daily and Balance blends. With the addition of caring for elderly, disabled parents I noticed myself feeling more deflated and irritable which is the opposite of what my purpose is in life. My life’s goal is to turn unpleasant situations into beautiful life stories. Ned has helped greatly in maintaining a positive balance and peace of mind. Happy birthday and much gratitude for such a wonderful company, customer service, and science all backed by superior, lovely humans!! Shine and thrive on!” 


“Happy birthday Ned! Thank you for always keeping me calm and zen.”


“Happy Birthday & Congratulations to the NED family!”


“I think I've been with you since the beginning, thanks for bringing Ned to the world, Happy Birthday!”


“Happy Birthday Ned. Love your Magnesium supplement!”


“Happy Birthday Ned, we love your products.”


“I came across a story on Instagram on The Hormone Balance Blend Oil and thought I’d give it a try. I’ve always had an irregular cycle. During a long period of time I was on birth control, and after being on it for years I got off and my cycle went back to irregularity. Using the blend I’ve been more regular. I love this natural approach to keeping my body healthy. Thank you!”


“Happy Birthday Ned!! Thx for making Daily Blend, it helps with my arthritis.”


“Using your product has been helpful. Starting to feel results!”