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Best Friend Blend

By Rory Coulter
Best Friend Blend

Vets have started using CBD to successfully treat many common dog ailments — from anxiety to arthritis, chronic pain to cancer, skin conditions to seizures. Could your dog benefit from CBD? Find out what our customers are saying and try it for yourself! We recommend a few drops of 300mg Daily Blend (aka, “Best Friend Blend”) with a treat!

“We bought Daily Blend for my dog Chewy. He started having seizures a few years back. The vet wanted to start him on anti-seizure medicine, but we didn't want to put him on the medication the vet recommended after seeing that once we started him on this medicine he would have to take it the rest of his life and could be harmful to his liver, kidneys and other organs. We did a little research and found that CBD can help with seizures. We decided to try Ned CBD oil. Since starting him on Daily Blend a few years ago he's only had 3 minor seizures, before Ned the regular seizures would be so bad we would have to rush him to the vet. Chewy (our Shepard/Chow), my wife and I are very thankful for Ned! Now we give it to all of our furry family . . . We have 2 senior cats and 2 dogs, one being Chewy. Thanks Ned!
–Matthew Y.

“My elder dog Mojo is a nearly 15yo Australian shepherd. He had disc degeneration, arthritis and hip pain. We tried many things to make him more comfortable. Phycox, etc. from the vet. We tried hemp oils from various pet stores. I heard about Neds on a podcast and thought why not. Within days of starting him on Daily Blend we saw his ability to stand and sit and move improve. It’s been about 15 months now of daily use and his quality of life has greatly improved. We could not be more grateful for this product. If we miss a day or two of Ned, we can see it in his movement. I cannot recommend anything more than the Ned 300mg Daily Blend!”
-Michele C.

Daily Blend is truly amazing. It has helped my dog Annie with her panic attacks since I've been giving her some every day. Thanks to the Ned Team, every one of you!”
–Jean M.

“We were lucky enough to recently add a four year old English Bulldog to our family. She is a sweetie but with new surroundings and the fourth of July, she became very anxious. It was a tough couple of days, with her working herself up where she was having a hard time breathing and her temperature was starting to reach dangerous levels. We had to wrap her in ice water soaked towels and we finally got her quiet. I started looking for what I could try to help ease her fears. Veterinarians usually give medications that don't deal with anxiety but sedate her. I want her to feel comfortable, not still fearful. I listen to MindPump regularly and have heard them talk about Ned. Adam even talked about using it on his bulldogs during the fourth. After looking at many other suppliers, I decided to try Ned. Well, Britt has been on twice a day dosing of 300mg Daily Blend for 9 days now and is slowly calming down and becoming more of a family member instead of looking around for the other shoe to drop. Thank you!!!”
–Terri C.

“I am using Daily Blend for my dog who is a puppy mill survivor and battling cancer. She is more calm after a week of using the product and is coming out of her shell and is more relaxed.”
Michelle G.

“Ned is AMAZING. My pup even takes the 300mg Daily Blend 2x a day with me. :) While the product is amazing, the team at Ned is equally as incredible. They are so helpful in chats/email correspondence and you can just feel that they love what they do. I love that I get some insider samples sometimes in my monthly orders too. So sweet! You need Ned in your life, you won’t regret it.”
–Morgan, Ned North Star Member

“I was recommended Daily Blend and I had to try it for my anxious dog. We were gonna have a road trip soon so I thought I'd buy it before we go and see how it goes. It worked great!! I bought another size just in case we ended up driving often and wanted her to relax in the car. She is the stress passenger. Sits up for long periods of time, wants to be with mama, etc. I wanted a product I could trust with my own eyes and this works great. It works great for both of my pets. Dogs were mellowed out and napped during the longer drives. I highly recommend this!”
-Crystal V.

“I purchased this for my 9 year old chocolate lab who has trouble with his hips. This is the second brand of CBD we’ve tried for him and it does wonders for him.”
—Carrie S.

“This was recommended by a friend for our Yorkie who no longer tolerates riding in a vehicle and it works wonders. No more deep panting & whining, she just sits and relaxes again like she has done for 10 years.”
—Shelley J.

“Phenomenal daily CBD product works wonders for me and the pup!”
–Nick T.

“My senior dog has been having a lot of anxiety and barks all the time. Since using Ned Daily Blend, she has been more calm and definitely barks less. I'm grateful I found something that works!
–Lyndsey K.

"Life-changing improvements! Wow, I am FLOORED by how fantastic I feel after using Daily Blend for just 2-3 weeks! I've got my pup on it too and I can't tell you how much her anxiety has improved. She's sleeping better and doesn't seem as stressed. So happy I found Ned! I can't sing the praises of this oil enough!! Thank you, Ned!!”
–Anasalia B.

“Game changer for my dog. My GSD is high strung and was not traveling well in a vehicle. My brother suggested CBD oil. He is much calmer. Thanks!”
–Stacey B.

“Daily Blend works really well! It helps my bulldog calm down! I love it”
–Cranberry G.

“Both my dog and I are high anxiety, this product helped us both. No bad side effects, only relaxation. Love it love it love it!”
–Ronda B.

“I really notice a difference using this – it makes my dog much more relaxed.”
–Emily B.

“Purchased this for my 10 yo GSD with separation anxiety. This product helps a lot, calms her down while I am working.”
–Charlene A.

Daily Blend is great to use for a calming effect, anti-anxiety, pain relief, etc. My dog gets extreme anxiety when there are thunderstorms. When I give her a few drops of the hemp oil, it really does relieve the anxiety.”
–Ben R.

Great for pets! It helps our dog with weather induced anxiety without the zombie-like effect other medications have.”
–Natalie R.

“ It works pretty great on my pups on stormy nights with high winds to calm them down as well.”
–Sean P.


Good news animal lovers – Ned isn’t just for humans. Find out how Daily Blend can benefit your furry friend!



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