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Why Colorado Hemp

By Rory Coulter
Why Colorado Hemp

From seed to bottle, Ned is 100% Colorado made — and proud of it! We wouldn’t have it any other way. And you shouldn’t either. Find out why.



 What's on the ingredient list of a product is vital, but *how* those ingredients were grown and produced also has a profound effect on us. ⁠We believe medicine can come from the earth and it should be grown with love and intention. It can be cultivated with care for the land, with wisdom passed down through the centuries, and with new knowledge added to that wisdom thanks to modern research.⁠ It's about the tangible chemical properties of the ingredients, but it's also about the energy of the plants, the mountain streams that watered them, the rich soil that nourished them, the hands that planted them, and how they can connect us to nature so we can rediscover how to heal and even thrive.⁠ 



 Colorado’s high altitude, arid climate, and 300+ days a year of high intensity sunshine provide the ideal conditions for growing hemp outdoors, the way mother nature intended. In many other climates, hemp is mass grown indoors under unnatural conditions. We’re harnessing the sun’s full spectrum of natural light to cultivate the richest cannabinoid and terpene profiles in our Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, so you can get the most health benefits. 



 Colorado was the first state to legalize cannabis, putting it years ahead of the curve when it comes to growing hemp. Thanks to this, Colorado established clear industry guidelines and consumer protections, giving farmers and manufacturers ample time to perfect their craft. No other state comes close to Colorado. Ned is proud to be one of only a small handful of brands with USDA organic certification. Learn more about our USDA organic certification. >



Colorado has the most comprehensive guidelines and strictest regulations when it comes to CBD products. When you buy from other places, you can’t always be sure of what you’re getting. We’re committed to quality and transparency and our hemp undergoes rigorous independent third party lab testing to ensure potency, purity and quality. We publish the results right on our website, so you can purchase our products with 100% confidence. 



Colorado is the world leader in hemp production. Ned is based in Boulder, not too far from our farm in Paonia, Colorado. Being close to our farm has a lot of advantages. We get to learn all about organic and biodynamic farming, we get to lend a hand at planting and harvesting time, and we get to oversee production every step of the way to ensure quality from seed to bottle. It’s so important to us that you know your hemp source that we put the topography and GPS coordinates of the farm right on our packaging. Find out what it takes to grow the world’s best USDA certified organic hemp. >


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