Education | December 31, 2018

What We Learned at Ned in 2018

By Adriaan Zimmerman
Ned CBD 2018 Founders Adriaan and Ret

This week we're taking time to reflect on 2018 before welcoming 2019 with open arms. The past year was one that allowed us to accomplish more than we could have imagined and we're grateful that you came along for the ride. Our brand and full-spectrum hemp products are truly a reflection of our personal wellness beliefs and aspirations, which we'd like to share with everyone in 2019.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil from Ned

What we learned from you

2018 was our first year in business so we knew it was critical to learn from you. We personally answered every one of your emails and phone calls, which has given us a tremendous amount of insight into your questions, requests, pain points, and needs. We’ve listened to every word and were able to enact changes in real-time.

Many of your stories have also proven profound. 

-  The veteran who credits Ned for helping him ween off the handfuls of prescription narcotics that was prescribed to him by the VA.

- The cancer patient who’s doctor can’t believe his test results and who was told to “keep doing whatever it is you’re doing – because it's working!”

- Ret’s mom, who many of you know inspired his journey into natural remedies, and is now cancer-free and running half marathons.

- The countless other stories from our amazing customers who are feeling and healing better through simpler and more natural means.

We’ve listened to each of you and are continuously working to improve and expand.

The ups and downs of the hemp industry

In the last year, we’ve been forced to navigate countless barriers and regulations in the hemp industry. It was a trial by fire, which produced more than a few gray hairs and a near doomsday scenario for Ned as a business. Fortunately, many of them were finally lifted with the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, which seems to have brought the perplexing prohibition of hemp to an end. Before it was signed into law, however, our year was marked by seemingly endless battles with banks, credit card processors, and social media giants. We’re happy to say that with the support of our customers and the incredible people we work with, we’ve emerged stronger than ever.

Integrity above all else

A little over a year ago, we set out in a blizzard to climb South Arapaho Peak. Before we could reach the summit, we were shut down by 90 mph gusts and near whiteout conditions. 

The adventure, however, brought something far more important and lasting than simply achieving the summit. It was that day that we established Ned’s guiding principles. We believed that doing right by each other, by the people we work with, by our customers, and by the planet, we would create a solid and lasting foundation.  

We are proud to say that we have not strayed from those principles. We take great pleasure in doing things the right way no matter the cost and effort.

Full Spectrum Hemp Ned CBD Founder

Organizations we’ve supported

We’ve been incredibly fortunate to contribute to for-purpose organizations that are close to our hearts, including Protect Our Winters, California Community Foundation, and 1% For the Planet. We look forward to contributing the remainder of the 1% of revenue we’ve pledged to a select group of organizations committed to helping our planet.

Where we’re headed

We built a beautiful foundation this past year and it’s all systems go at Ned. We can confidently say our products are of the highest possible quality and we’re continuously improving what’s already great. 

Looking ahead, we see a bright future. For the first time in a century hemp is now fully legal. At the same time, more and more people are finding better approaches to wellness and healthier first lines of defense before turning to doctors and prescription narcotics. 

We couldn’t be more excited for what lies ahead and to introduce our upcoming product lines and new categories that will drop in 2019. Thank you for being with us along the way. It means everything to us. 

Happy New Year, Ned Fam!


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