Member Gift - Glass Travel Bottle

Member Gift - Glass Travel Bottle


You look thirsty. The Minerals Before Meds Glass Travel Bottle is the perfect container for your favorite Mellö Magnesium superblend, or just a great way to stay hydrated on-the-go! Made from premium food-safe glass, the 14oz bottle is 100% BPA-free, reusable and recyclable. Use it for Mellö on the go or to simply and sustainably hydrate with Ned!

Shipping from Colorado, USA

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Member Gift - Glass Travel Bottle
Member Gift - Glass Travel Bottle
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Best bottle ever

This bottle is so amazing. I use it everyday. And my bf, a notorious bottle stealer, is not allowed to even look at it. NAY, touch it or think about it. I have to switch up where it is in my fridge daily so he can’t get my precious bottle. The game is afoot, but I will be victorious. 10/10 you need this bottle.

Amelia Dallman
So cute!!!

Love the bottle, the cute swivel lid is really handy!

Rashell Stone
Mello Magnesium

I have trouble sleeping and As a result of taking Mello I sleep so peaceful. Upon waking no grogginess and I feel engerized for day ! Thanks Ned 🙌🏻

Pam Henry
Perfect size for purse

Sturdy and classy and the perfect size to slip into my purse with no worries about crushing or leaking. Easy to clean, too!

Yann-Hsiang Chen
Ned Glass Trave Bottle

The bottle is great I really like using it. Perfect size for anything.

Lauren Shimp
Who needs another water bottle?!

I definitely did not and then I received this water bottle and it is pretty great. It is a smaller size than most of my water bottles, it has a wide mouth and I just find it fills a perfect niche in my water bottle needs. It can fit in a purse and is just highly useful. It is also very pretty and the lid is super cool with a loop to carry it with. I love this water bottle and truly appreciate the gift as a North Star Member. Thank you, Ned! You always seem to know just what I need.