The Best Things In Life Are Free: An A-Z Guide

The Best Things In Life Are Free: An A-Z Guide

By Rory Coulter

The best things in life are free. Here’s proof!

A is for adventures, apps, and autumn.
B is for bike rides, birdwatching, and blogging.
C is for campingcold plunges, and conversations.
D is for dancingDIY, and donating blood.
E is for educationentertainment, and exercise.
F is for family, foraging, and forest bathing.
G is for gardeninggifting, and good habits.
H is for hikinghugs, and hygge.
I is for ikigai, invitations, and immune systems.
J is for jokes, journaling, and the joy of missing out.
K is for keepsakes, kindness, and kitchen scrap gardens.
L is for lemon waterlocal libraries, and long walks.
M is for meetupsmovement, and music.
N is for natureNed samples, and north stars.
O is for open air concerts, optimism, and the outdoors.
P is for plogging, podcasts & public lands.
Q is for quiet time, inspiring quotes, and NatureQuant.
S is for spring water, stargazing, and sunrises & sunsets.
T is for thank you notes, trees and trying something new. 
U is for upcycling, unplugging, and useful tips.
Z is for quality zzzs, zero waste, and days without Zoom meetings!
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