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Friend of Ned CBD: Alex Deitch

Meet Alex Deitch — master mechanic, shark and grizzly evader, all around great guy, and friend of Ned. He also sadly has metastatic bone cancer. Find out why Alex is proud to say he’s going out with a smile.

CBD Hemp Oil for Veterans Josh Jesperson
Former Navy Seal Josh Jesperson Talks CBD for Veterans

Meet Josh Jespersen — former Navy SEAL, veterans’ health advocate, mountain guide, and friend of Ned. After experiencing first-hand the healing power of nature, he started leading fellow veterans on therapeutic trips into the outdoors. Find out more about Josh and how you can get involved in his organization, Veteran’s Outdoor Advocacy Group.

Kelsea Anderson Sitting in Easy Pose Sukhasana for Ned CBD Interview
Friend of Ned: Kelsea Anderson

Meet Kelsea Anderson — nature therapy guide, yoga teacher, and friend of Ned. We bond over our shared love of nature and chat about the core values that guide her, a simple practice that’s changed her life, and her favorite daily ritual. Plus, we find out something astounding that not many people know about her . . . Read on!

CBD for Menstrual Cramps Amelia Broughton Profile
CBD for Menstrual Cramps and Pain Relief: Decades of Pain Gone

Meet Amelia — relational facilitator, nature lover, and Nedhead! She shares how her favorite Ned products put an end to a decade of excruciating menstrual pain and changed her life for the better.

Ned CBD Woman Running In the Mountains
Overcoming Exercise Addiction

For Jessica, food and exercise quickly became a source of control. During her college years, she'd go out and have a drink or dessert knowing that she'd have to run and exercise more to "overcome" all that food the next morning. Here's how she overcame the burden of food & exercise.