Natural Cycle CBD Artist

Natural Cycle CBD Collection: Meet the Artist

Lauren is a street artist, tattoo artist, and the creative behind the Natural Cycle packaging art. We found her after falling in love with her murals in Denver's RiNo Arts District. She hand drew each element using her signature technique, making each piece a true work of art. We sit down with Lauren to hear her inspiring story and try not to fangirl too hard.

Ned CBD Botanist
Natural Cycle CBD Collection: Meet the Botanist

Annie is an expert in all things homesteading (among many other things) thanks to her residency at Hidden Villa, a farm and wilderness reserve nestled in Los Altos Hills that once housed Cesar Chavez during the United Farm Workers movement. We sit down with Annie to hear her incredible story.

CBD for Natural Hormone Balance Aromatherapist
Natural Cycle CBD Collection: Meet the Aromatherapist

An intuitive energy and bodywork practitioner, Kat creates products designed to enhance the flow of energy through the body by helping to restore balance to the chakras, supporting optimal health and radiance for the mind-body-spirit. We sit down with Kat to hear how she translates her passion into healing for others.

Ned Full Spectrum CBD Oil Iceland Adventure
A 24-Hour Nedventure in Iceland (In Photos)

Ret and Adriaan make a 24-hour pit stop in Iceland. After all, if we were going all that way, why not take the time to find a little adventure while learning about medicinal plants in another country? Iceland is a small country of 340k people with a vast landscape made up of lava rock beaches, active volcanoes, geothermal pools, and dramatic peaks. In all seasons, Iceland is a true representation of the Arctic. In the winter, you can expect short and dark days, unpredictable weather, and, on clear and moonless nights, the spectacular Northern Lights.