Our Guide to Shopping for the Best CBD Oil

July 10, 2019



Not all CBD is created equal. When it comes to your health and wellness, there’s not cutting corners. 

With this handy guide, you’ll know exactly what to look for and why.

Full Transparency

Only buy from brands you trust. Full transparency is a must.

The product should come with a certificate of analysis that tells you exactly what’s in it and confirm that it’s free from any heavy metals or contaminants. Our Full Spectrum Hemp oil undergoes rigorous independent third party lab testing to ensure potency, purity and quality.


Full Spectrum

Choose full spectrum. 

CBD is the most well known of over 100 distinct cannabinoids in hemp. It’s recognized for its potent healing power, but it’s not able to do its job nearly as well when it's not backed up by the full spectrum of cannabinoids -- CBG, CBC, and all the others. 

It’s called the Entourage Effect and it’s why full spectrum is superior to CBD isolates. Our Full Spectrum Hemp oil contains premium CBD and a broad spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and trichomes that all work together to give you the most potent healing power, just the way mother nature intended.


Single Sourced

Know exactly where it comes from and how it’s made. 

This is the only way to be sure of quality. Our Full Spectrum Hemp oil is exclusively grown with love and integrity by our good friend, Farmer Curt, and his two dogs, Winston and Tooty, on their 12-acre organic and biodynamic farm in sunny Paonia, Colorado. We put the topography and GPS coordinates of the farm right there on the bottle. 


Quality Ingredients

Know your ingredients. Less is more. The product should be free from any additives, fillers, flavoring, isolates, preservatives, sweeteners or thinning agents. 

Our oil simply has two ingredients: Full Spectrum Hemp oil and MCT oil (both organic and non-GMO).


Organically Grown

Buy organic. This is especially important when it comes to hemp because it’s a great cleansing crop, which means it easily absorbs contaminants from soil. Our products are made exclusively from organic, sun-grown, whole hemp flowers on an organic and biodynamic farm without the use of harmful herbicides, pesticides or solvents. 

Have a look at our COA’s and and see for yourself! 



Prioritize purity. 

Cold ethanol extraction is the best way to preserve all the nutrients found in hemp. Our Full Spectrum Hemp oil is naturally and sustainably extracted with food grade ethanol at exactly -17°F.


About Our Products

Ned makes the world’s purest single source Full Spectrum Hemp oil. 

All our products are slow crafted with love from seed to bottle and produced responsibly in small batches from organic ingredients to support independent farmers and local communities with minimal impact on the environment.


300mg Ned full spectrum hemp oil

300 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

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750 mg Ned full spectrum hemp oil

750mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

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1500mg Ned full spectrum hemp oil

1500mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

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Co-Writers @ Ned

We got together and created this post to guide less experienced users when looking to buy CBD oil. We hope this guide helps on your quest!

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