I Tried Yoga and It Kicked My Ass

by Adriaan Zimmerman August 07, 2018

It was two weeks ago. I was on a trip to Winter Park, Colorado with a few other journalists and fitness bloggers in the run-up to Outdoor Retailer. We were there testing out some new gear over the span of a few days, and the agency in charge of it all had set up some fun events. Think downhill mountain biking, a trail run and, much to what I thought would be my chagrin, some early morning yoga.
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Science of Life: This Ancient Indian Medicine Healed Me When My Doctors Couldn't

by Edy Guy August 06, 2018

Feeling like a balloon about to pop, I blink into the florescent, ticking light of a doctor’s office: a standard, high-rise business building, reeking of sterile soap… I’m twenty years old, a college sophomore, and for the last six months I’ve suffered from indigestion so severe
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Acknowledging Burnout: The Truth Behind My Pit Stop

by Adriaan Zimmerman August 06, 2018

In 2015, I boarded a flight from Helsinki to Kathmandu kicking off what turned out to be nearly two years of solo travel. Unbeknownst to me, I was in the midst of detaching myself completely from the life that had consumed me for over ten years. My greater friend network learned about my travels as I started posting daily photos on my Instagram feed, drawing comments such as “living the dream” and “crushing life.”
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Modest Mouse's Jeremiah Green on Staying Afloat Thanks to Cannabinoids

by James Joiner July 24, 2018

Despite what you may think, it’s not always easy being in a prevalent rock band. Constant touring can create a disconnect with the rest of the so-called “normal” world. The pressure of performing at your best, show after show, in front of thousands of demanding fans who spent their hard-earned money to see you compounds stress levels.
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Travelogue: California Dreamin'

by Isabella Joiner July 10, 2018

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to visit the coast of California, you know the wonders of its jagged cliffs, hazy sunshine, and beautiful blue waves The rolling grass hills and scattered cattle that come with driving up the winding Route 1 is a cure and spiritual mend for the exhaustion of everyday life.
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American Hemp: Could this "weed" be what finally unites Americans across the aisle?

by James Joiner July 10, 2018

We live in a time of intense – and intensifying – political divisiveness. It’s an issue that has ground our government to a halt and left elected officials running in circles screaming epithets and rhetoric. Yet through the constant chaos, there’s one surprising thing both sides can agree on. Hemp. No, not weed. While marijuana legalization is gathering enough momentum to eventually topple even the old ‘war on drugs’ crowd –
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A Purpose Greater Than Business by Ret Taylor

by Ret Taylor June 26, 2018

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. Luckily it was caught before it spread and this is not a sob story. Instead it’s the story of how I was introduced to CBD and why our CBD products perform the way they do. When it all went down with my mom - Win is her name - I knew she had excellent doctors and all the latest advancements in western medicine behind her.
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Converting the Cynics by James Joiner

by James Joiner June 12, 2018

My foray into using CBD didn't come naturally. Call me a cynic, but I’m immediately suspect of anything heralded as a “miracle cure” or “the next big thing in wellness.” I’ve had too many acai berry smoothies or Bulletproof coffee regimens leave me feeling no better and sometimes worse, plus spent no small part of a journalism career watching one wellness pyramid scheme after another be debunked or otherwise fall in on itself.
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