What Is Meditation | Explore To Restore

by Adriaan Zimmerman December 04, 2018

Meditation is a thousands-years-old art that’s been practiced by modern and ancient civilizations all over the world, designed specifically to help us slow our bodies down and relax a little bit.In this article, Max learns more about Meditation from Jasmine and Anastasia Bailey, owners of Vitality Meditation.
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Explore to Restore: Chryotherapy

by Maxwell Barna November 13, 2018

Cryotherapy is a new-ish trend we’ve started seeing everywhere. Everyone from professional athletes, to celebrities (;ike the late Anthony Bourdain), to average everyday folks are trying out what many are calling a new miracle treatment whose benefits range from weight loss, to skin regeneration, tumor shrinkage, and blood cleansing.
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7 Autumnal Harvest Celebrations From Around the World

by Maxwell Barna November 13, 2018

The coming of the Autumn Equinox has played a significant role throughout human history. Not only does it signify the beginning of fall, but it also marks the beginning (or end) of the harvest. For centuries—even millennia—peoples from all over the world have ritualized the harvest season, turning it into a time of celebration for themes like re-birth, joy, abundance, good health, and letting go. The whole world acknowledges the significance of the harvest, so we figured we should, too.
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Explore to Restore: A New Content Series by Ned

by Maxwell Barna October 16, 2018

One of the foundational reasons we created Ned was because we’re big believers in the power of simple and natural healing. That’s not to say that we’re totally opposed to modern medicine. Science and innovation saves lives and there is always a place for it. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it should be the first line of defense to all facets of our health and wellbeing. We’ve all been conditioned to it in one way or another. Are you feeling anxious? There’s a pill for that. Is your skin dry? Try this toxic topical cream. Experiencing back pain? Take this shot. Feeling tired? Imbibe this sugary, caffeine-filled “energy drink.” Do these drugs have side effects? Absolutely! Are some of them often worse than your original ailment? Probably.
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Wellness and the Woods

by Edy Guy October 02, 2018

You’re probably thinking, what the heck is ‘shinrin-yoku,’ so let’s get that out of the way first. The direct japanese translation of shinrin-yoku is “taking in the forest atmosphere,” and has taken on a loose translation of “forest-bathing.” In America, we might compare this to taking a hike, or simply going for a walk in your local nature preserve. While this may seem straightforward and somewhat, anticlimactic to the 14’er climbing folks, there are strong reasons why this practice is considered both therapy and medicine in Japan, South Korea, and so forth.
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Harvest Your Mind, Body and Soul

by Edy Guy September 18, 2018

In the Midwest, where I grew up, the leaves turn colors in dramatic ways during the fall. I’ve left foreign travels to come back just in time to see the leaves change, to smell the spicy, sweet scents, and nest into big sweaters and good books underneath the beauty of it.
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Professional Pain Relief: Why Athletes are Ditching Pharmaceuticals for Cannabinoids

by Adriaan Zimmerman September 05, 2018

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A First-Time Ultra Runner's Intro to Cannabinoids

by Adriaan Zimmerman September 04, 2018

I’ve been training to run my first ultra since 2015. No, it’s not an exceptionally long training plan. It’s just that every time I ramp my mileage up to anywhere near 50 miles a week, I’m plagued by injury or chronic pain—debilitating tightness in my IT band, plantar fasciitis, and, last fall, occasional tingling and numbness in my right foot. It’s hard to run 25-plus miles (or even a handful of miles!) when one of your feet keeps falling asleep.
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Moving with Intent: A Travel Journal from Mount Rainier

by Dana Kau August 21, 2018

From my late teens through my mid-thirties, the word “travel” held connotations of cross continental flights, foreign languages, and unfamiliar foods. As my career carried me across the US and occasionally to London (to the tone of about 150,000 air miles per year), I believed that unfamiliar ink stamped on a passport was the answer to finding escape. I was moving fast.
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Finding Mindfulness in Everyday Tasks: An Honest Guy's Guide to Meditation

by Maxwell Barna August 21, 2018

When stereotypically think of meditation, we can often envision people in bamboo studios or some exotic Zen garden somewhere, contorting [probably uncomfortably] into full Lotus position on dusty old mats. There’s probably a fountain trickling off in the distance, there’s a guy politely hitting a gong ever few minutes, and everyone is chanting “Ommmmm” at precisely 432 Hz.
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The Ethics of Wild Harvesting

by Annie Miller August 14, 2018

In Ned's new Hemp Infused Lip Balm, you'll find a couple of key ingredients that came straight from the great outdoors. Back in June, Ret and I took to the Foothills of the Rocky Mountains with Annie, our wildcrafting spirit guide, to ethicallyharvest wild rose and wild calendula for our lip balms. I emphasize ethically because along with the ingredients we collected, we received a crash course in the human/nature connection, what it really means to respectfully use what nature has to offer, and how to hold up our end of the symbiotic relationship we have with wild plants. It was a profound day, so much so that we asked Annie to share with you what she shared with us.
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Hemp Lip Balm: My Tribute to Mummu

by Adriaan Zimmerman August 14, 2018

This is the last picture I ever took with my grandmother, or Mummu (pronunciation) as I called her.  It was taken in 2007 at her apartment in Lohja, Finland. I was 24 and had recently graduated on from puka shell necklaces and popped collars and was trying my best to navigate early adulthood. It was a time in my life where my 'priorities' had shifted and I all but severed my ties to my childhood;
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