Dispatches from the Farm: Summer '19

by Ret Taylor June 26, 2019

We put our hands in the soil, learned about biodynamic farming, and stumbled on the secret to happiness on a trip down to Farmer Curt's.
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Overcoming Food & Exercise Addiction

by Jessica Christin March 12, 2019

For Jessica, food and exercise quickly became a source of control. During her college years, she'd go out and have a drink or dessert knowing that she'd have to run and exercise more to "overcome" all that food the next morning. Here's how she overcame the burden of food & exercise.
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A 24-Hour Nedventure in Iceland (In Photos)

by Adriaan Zimmerman February 26, 2019

Ret and Adriaan make a 24-hour pit stop in Iceland. After all, if we were going all that way, why not take the time to find a little adventure while learning about medicinal plants in another country? Iceland is a small country of 340k people with a vast landscape made up of lava rock beaches, active volcanoes, geothermal pools, and dramatic peaks. In all seasons, Iceland is a true representation of the Arctic. In the winter, you can expect short and dark days, unpredictable weather, and, on clear and moonless nights, the spectacular Northern Lights.
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Fighting the Winter Blues with HYGGE

by Zachary Cohen February 06, 2019

SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) is no laughing matter. The disorder brings with it such symptoms as lethargy, hypersomnia (an excessive need for sleep), overeating and weight gain. In this article, we look to Danish and Norwegian cultures to see how they cope with the dark winter season. With a holistic focus on self-love, Hygge offers a behavioral and philosophical approach for keeping oneself happy, healthy and connected during long Winters. Instead of relying on time spent outdoors—36% of Danes bike to work everyday—Hygge asks us to create a warm and inviting home environment and focus on small, intentional acts of self-care.
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Explore to Restore: Acupuncture

by Adriaan Zimmerman January 22, 2019

This week, I met Jason Krantz, owner of Summit Acupuncture in Philadelphia’s bustling Olde City neighborhood. Krantz has been a certified acupuncturist for three years now, having earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Dietetics from Florida State University, and a Master’s Degree in Acupuncture from the Won Institute of Graduate Studies in Glenside, Pennsylvania. For Krantz, acupuncture is all about helping people. If you ask him why he’s such a large proponent of it, one of his primary reasons is because he believes acupuncture is exceptionally useful in helping people who are in pain.
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What Is Cupping Therapy | Explore To Restore

by Adriaan Zimmerman January 02, 2019

This thousands-year-old medical practice dates all the way back to ancient Egypt (Its oldest literary reference can be found in the Ebers Papyrus, which is the single oldest—and most important—medical papyri to come out of Egypt during the time period), and is used in cultures across the world, including Asia, Ancient Greece, the Middle East, and even Eastern Europe. It has been referenced by famous philosophers, herbalists, and medical practitioners the likes of Hippocrates (Yes, that Hippocrates), Ge Hong, and the Islamic prophet Muhammad.
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Happy New Year From Ned

by Adriaan Zimmerman December 31, 2018

This week we're taking time to reflect on 2018 before welcoming 2019 with open arms. The past year was one that allowed us to accomplish more than we could have imagined and we're grateful that you came along for the ride. Our brand and products are truly a reflection of our personal wellness beliefs and aspirations, which we'd like to share with everyone in 2019.
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What Is Sensory Deprivation | Explore to Restore

by Adriaan Zimmerman December 18, 2018

Sensory Deprivation Tanks have a very interesting history that, when approached from the wrong headspace, might sound, well, a little crazy. People all over the world still swear by sensory deprivation tanks, and their fans say they’re an excellent place to turn off, tune out, and decompress for a little while.
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What Is Meditation | Explore To Restore

by Adriaan Zimmerman December 04, 2018

Meditation is a thousands-years-old art that’s been practiced by modern and ancient civilizations all over the world, designed specifically to help us slow our bodies down and relax a little bit.In this article, Max learns more about Meditation from Jasmine and Anastasia Bailey, owners of Vitality Meditation.
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Explore to Restore: Chryotherapy

by Maxwell Barna November 13, 2018

Cryotherapy is a new-ish trend we’ve started seeing everywhere. Everyone from professional athletes, to celebrities (;ike the late Anthony Bourdain), to average everyday folks are trying out what many are calling a new miracle treatment whose benefits range from weight loss, to skin regeneration, tumor shrinkage, and blood cleansing.
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7 Autumnal Harvest Celebrations From Around the World

by Maxwell Barna November 13, 2018

The coming of the Autumn Equinox has played a significant role throughout human history. Not only does it signify the beginning of fall, but it also marks the beginning (or end) of the harvest. For centuries—even millennia—peoples from all over the world have ritualized the harvest season, turning it into a time of celebration for themes like re-birth, joy, abundance, good health, and letting go. The whole world acknowledges the significance of the harvest, so we figured we should, too.
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Explore to Restore: A New Content Series by Ned

by Maxwell Barna October 16, 2018

One of the foundational reasons we created Ned was because we’re big believers in the power of simple and natural healing. That’s not to say that we’re totally opposed to modern medicine. Science and innovation saves lives and there is always a place for it. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it should be the first line of defense to all facets of our health and wellbeing. We’ve all been conditioned to it in one way or another. Are you feeling anxious? There’s a pill for that. Is your skin dry? Try this toxic topical cream. Experiencing back pain? Take this shot. Feeling tired? Imbibe this sugary, caffeine-filled “energy drink.” Do these drugs have side effects? Absolutely! Are some of them often worse than your original ailment? Probably.
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